> Haystack Informatics-Started Life By Building A Next-Generation Software Platform That Helps Hospitals

Co-founded by tech entrepreneur Adrian Talapan and Dr. Bimal Desai, CMIO at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Haystack Informatics started life by building a next-generation software platform that helps hospitals detect, investigate, and report patient privacy violations: Haystack Monitoring. By using multiple detection engines and multiple visualization lenses, our behavioral analytics software significantly reduces the time it takes to identify and manage insider threat risk, saving hospitals money and safeguarding their reputation.

"Shown with fake data. View of Haystack Monitoring, showing an anomalous access (red link) and the context around it."

From unintentional employee errors to the rogue employee, internal breaches have become a critical area of concern for hospital professionals as institutions extend their reach throughout their networks to include physician offices,outpatient clinics, and health information exchanges. Without the ability to apply constant surveillance to identify a potential insider threat before it happens, it’s nearly impossible to mitigate risks associated with protecting patient data – until it’s too late.

In addition, based on our understanding of employee behavior, we recently launched Haystack Intelligence, a new product that offers healthcare leaders the ability to monitor the operational performance of their domain continuously. This new solution delivers an objective diagnosis and determination of root causes of operational efficiencies and inefficiencies as they arise in the areas of EHR Workflow Optimization, Operational Improvements, Service CostManagement, and Patient Experience.

We are proud to be located in Philadelphia, as its rich history of healthcare innovation made experimenting and iterating on our solution set with actual customers not only possible but also highly efficient.

In addition to CHOP, the company is supported on its journey by anchors of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem: DreamIt Ventures, Rittenhouse Ventures, and Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

"Shown with fake data. View of Haystack Intelligence, showing how an encounter type is performed across various sites, with associated cost differences”

Haystack Informatics, Inc.

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