Have you heard about (HashLips)? Only about 0.7 percent of the world’s population knows about blockchain technology. Less than 4 percent of the globe’s people hold any cryptocurrency. And, only a percentage of those people actually own NFTs.

Have you heard about the Sketchy Apes Book Club NFT Collection? NFTs have been around since 2017, but they’re only now entering mainstream conversations. The power of NFTs hasn’t been grasped yet, but it’s already creating a movement for the democratization of the Internet.

NFTs are rapidly evolving – and so is this space. (HashLips) is driving transformation and bridging gaps through accessibility, education and empowerment. The name’s an alias for its YouTube channel. And, for an NFT Art Engine as well as an NFT collection. It is also an art movement. Dig a bit deeper, and you’ll realize that (HashLips) is an advocate for blockchain technology advancement, too. Most especially, it is a community of like-minded adventurers.

(HashLips) was born on YouTube in 2021. The channel already has over 2 million total video views. However, (HashLips) isn’t merely a library of ‘how-to’ videos. It’s that burgeoning community that drives its direction; this audience is hungry to learn, engage, and build a community for the NFT community’s benefit.

“The members are artists looking to learn to code as well as programmers who want to create art,” said Daniel about (HashLips)’s growth. That comes with a proviso: explaining coding to non-programmers only gets a community so far.

The world of NFTs is incredibly exciting. Learning to code (for most people) isn’t. But, (HashLips) most viewed video is the ‘ultimate guide on how to create an NFT collection.’ (HashLips)’s mission to educate its audience morphed. Daniel engineered the (HashLips) Art Engine.

“It was written to facilitate the creation of NFTs and generate artworks,” said Daniel. “I wrote the programme to be user-friendly. The audience loves to learn about NFTS, create NFTs, and to learn to code. So, this was a way for anyone to learn and generate their own NFT collections. The (HashLips) Art Engine is a way to generate a lot of images quickly and easily. It was created on open source platform. I figured out how to make it more user-friendly for people to adapt and use it in easier ways.” The Art Engine has now enabled the creation of more than 5,000 NFT collections to date – all from within the (HashLips) community.

The Sketchy Apes Book Club is another of (HashLips)’s NFT collections, but this one is a showcase of the community’s growing skills and the evolution of its Art Engine.

From hand-drawn sketches, Daniel generated 10,000 artworks with the Art Engine to create the Sketchy Apes Book Club. It has proven exceptionally popular: of the 10,000 pieces, less than 2,000 are yet to be minted.

“The roadmap is about writing a book with the (HashLips) community,” noted Daniel about the development of the community. “The community has pivoted (HashLips) into a creative community. This means that members participate in all areas of the collections and steer the direction. It is all about education: to teach people how to do creative things with PhotoShop and more. To be creative. To think outside the box. This is all about building a community. It is boosted by workshops and creative community projects. Everyone has an opportunity for input. That’s how we’ll grow this NFT space.”

One of the most captivating aspects of the NFT space is that it’s still evolving and highly fluid. What’s (HashLips)’s future? Advocating accessibility and inclusivity. No one must be left behind by technology.

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