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HardeeGroup is a branding/production agency that partners with likeminded marketers and clients to create and produce work that magnifies our client’s products, boosts their profile, and their profitability.

We’ve worked with brands such as Circle K, Toyota, Chevrolet, Beef O’ Brady’s, and Visit Florida and agencies like Rhoads Group for the past 19 years. We’ve bolstered their successes, and shaped our work to help them navigate the maze that is the modern media landscape.




Formerly Creative Director at 22 Squared where he launched the Outback Steakhouse brand and its sibling concepts, Doug started Hardee Group in 2001. Reflecting the nature of innovation and the needs of businesses and services, we bring together the best designers, editors, cinematographers, writers to launch and rejuvenate brands regardless of size. We specialize in restaurants, service-based industries, automotive and most any industry that seeks innovative concepts and approaches to branding and production.




How We Came into Being

The world of business has undergone a seismic shift in the last 20 years. Today, great brands come in all shapes and sizes, from optimistic startups, to companies that want to pivot in a new direction, and either engage in a new market or expand their horizons. It’s a daunting new environment, for sure. But those challenges are what motivate us. If you have a dream, we would love to help you realize it, and bring that vision into the marketplace on a multitude of efficient platforms.


Also an Author

Doug is also the author of Rock The Cosmos!


“Doug has an uncanny ability to translate client business-speak into spot-on messaging for the defined audience.  What we initially ask for isn’t always what we want, and he is the ‘client-whisperer’ able to turn the ask into the perfect deliverable.”

-Kim James – Senior Director – Global Center of Excellence, Merchandising & Marketing, Circle K

“Doug is able to create work that is both spot on for the brand, but also highly engaging for the retail target audience. He’s a storyteller, with insight, wit, and a depth of marketing knowledge.”

-Loren Rhoads (President – Rhoads Group)

“When you want work that is highly creative, that engages and connects with your demographic audience, Doug Hardee is the go-to source. He does his homework and then some. Our campaign for CFO of Florida helped win 64 of our state’s 67 counties. That’s market penetration on a grand scale. We’re all reaching for the stars, Hardee Group can help you get there!”

-Jeff Atwater (CFO of Florida, 2011- 2017.  Current Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and CFO of Florida Atlantic University)




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