Impact Before Profit: Halo’s Mission to Transform the World of Investing




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Halo Investing has built the first global marketplace for protective investments, empowering. Through the Halo platform, advisors and investors can easily access structured notes, buffered ETFs, annuities, and a whole suit of tools allowing them to customize, analyze, and manage protective investments tailored to their unique portfolio needs. Halo’s mission is to provide access to protective investment opportunities previously unavailable to most investors.

Halo CEO and Co-Founder Biju Kulathakal receives the 2021 Chicago Innovation Award for Finance

While this may sound modest, the impact of such access would be revolutionary. At $7 trillion, the structured product market is one of the largest in the world, yet most professional investors have never even heard of it. That’s because structured products were traditionally sold through private banks, and almost exclusively to institutions or ultra-high-net-worth individuals who could meet the standard $1 million thresholds.

And then Halo came along.


Halo believes that restricting these invaluable investment tools as playthings for 1% of investors is not only wrong, but unsustainable. Demand for portfolio protection strategies is growing rapidly. That’s why Halo has simplified financial products, making the terms and analytics surrounding them easier to understand. Halo’s platform allows for real-time pricing and risk analysis, enhancing market transparency and lowering fees, all while speeding up a process that used to take days into a matter of minutes. It is this groundbreaking technology, as well as a presence in seven countries across five continents (and growing), that makes Halo so uniquely positioned to break down the barriers and democratize investing for a mass market.

Jason Barsema President & Co-Founder

But while Halo may be a global company, it is proud to be a Chicago-based company. Proud of the “I Will” spirit that has made Chicago world-renowned as a hub of commerce and innovation.


Proud of the Chicago that gave us the cell phone and the futures contract; the Chicago that split the atom; the Chicago that first invented and still remains the Derivatives Capital of the World.


But most of all, Halo is proud of Chicago’s greatest resource: its people. The people from whom the restless spirit of “I Will” flows, spurring us to greater and greater heights of building, breaking, and rebuilding. The spirit that resounds with Daniel Burnham’s exhortation to “make no small plans.”


It is this driving spirit and shared purpose that netted Halo its first FinTech Breakthrough Award, got it named by American Banker as among the Best Places to Work in FinTech, and landed it on Fast Company’s list of World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021.

Halo has no small plans. Halo is on a mission to change the world, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

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