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H3D – Rally Raid Reason is the most complete Rally Raid online store on the market, with a diversified offer of products for Rally motorcycles and aimed at both amateur and professional riders alike.
H3D not only sells products of its own, but also sells the best brands worldwide, distinguishing itself for collaborating with the best suppliers in the market and for its wide distribution capacity and fast global deliveries


The initial idea for this project arose during Henrique Lopes’ college days, when he decided, in 2015, to participate in the R3 events (a Portuguese two-day Dakar like rally). In these races, navigation is done by roadbook (which is a guidebook that gives the rider the directions and distances to follow and points out the dangers along a certain route).

One of Henrique’s cousins lent him a roadbook holder and his cell phone would work as an odometer (a device that measures the distance traveled), but he lacked a way to mount everything on his motorbike.
At the time, roadbook mounts available on the market were heavy and expensive.

Henrique decided to design his own mount in CAD and, together with a college friend – Diogo Desterro – who had recently acquired a 3D printer, they created what would be the first roadbook mount made in plastic and also the first one 3D printed.

Henrique and Diogo were proud of their prototype and decided to share it with the Rally Raid community. It was a major success! Thus H3D was born – H as in Henrique and 3D as in 3D printing, as well as D as in Diogo. Some professional riders offered to test the product, which was a great opportunity to gather inputs and ideas for improvement. There were also those who thought that the product wouldn’t work, but the team was not disencouraged. Back then, there were no other companies creating motorcycle parts using only 3D printing, leading both to believe in the innovative nature of the project. Simultaneously, they wanted to address the lack of lighter and accessible components in the Rally Raid market.
During this period two more friends joined the team to help out with sales and R&D.

Quality test

Over time, the duo faced some challenges. During the first tests on Motocross tracks, Henrique and Diogo noticed that the density of the material used was insufficient, which forced them to give up one of the main characteristics of plastic – its lightness.

Additionally, the process of 3D printing was very time consuming and unstable, and eventually the team chose to adapt the product and create personalized handlebar mounts. These were made specifically for each rider according to their riding style, stature and navigation equipment and, furthermore, it was possible to add logotypes, names and print these components in any color.

The above mentioned limitations led the team to take the next step – focusing on hybrid solutions, putting plastic and carbon fiber or aluminum together, therefore creating higher quality and more reliable products. This approach was the mainly responsible for the success of all the products developed afterwards.

Nowadays, H3D Produces A Hybrid Roadbook Mount (In Aluminum And Petg Printed In 3d) Sold Worldwide And Considered By Many To Be The Most Reliable On The Market!

Besides the product development related challenges, the fact that the team never asked for any external financial support as a startup led some of the team members to look for other projects and sources of income. This resulted in a decreased development rhythm of new products and business strategy.

concept of the project, keeping in mind the main goal of having one of the most respected brands in the Rally Raid community. Nowadays, H3D is a successful online Rally Raid store with a worldwide presence.All these challenges were surpassed with effort and without fear of changing the original

H3D’s primary mission is to create a relationship of trust with its customers, guaranteeing quality through its products and advising enthusiastic riders who are taking their first steps in the world of Rally Raid.
Next Steps:

  • Developing and commercializing new products for Rally Raid;
  • Expanding to the South American and Australian markets; and
  • Representing more brands.

The Team (from left to right - Duarte, Henrique and Diogo)

Henrique Lopes, the only original member that remains on the project. Rally Raid lover since a very young age. He is the current CEO and has been responsible for adapting the brand to the market and for its inherent growth.

Diogo Desterro, one of the founders and the one who leveraged the whole project from the engineering and 3D printing perspective. It is thanks to his involvement in this project that he is nowadays a true Rally Raid lover, continuing to develop products for this market.

Duarte Inocentes, motorbike lover, was part of the motocross testing team and contributed to the brand and products promotion in the beginning of the project. He was also the one who drew Henrique into the motorcycle world during their childhood.

Nuno Ferreira, the best engineer without a degree (yet), and passionate about everything that is machinery. He contributed to the development of the first H3D roadbook mount and his garage was the center of many evenings discussing pioneering ideas that were paramount to the projects success.

Hybrid Product - H3D Roadbook mount

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