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Guts & Glory GNV is a live storytelling organization who helps people from the Gainesville community put their personal stories on the stage in a polished, curated, and fun way. Guts & Glory Creative Consulting offers creative communication strategies to businesses and organizations.

We help people present themselves and their ideas to the world through building creativity, connection,and confidence. Guts & Glory GNV was born out of the idea that everyone should have a voice and get to share their stories with the world.

Mainly a comedic space for performance, GGGNV builds a cast around a monthly theme to be performed at great Gainesville venues.The consulting work we do is based on creative communication.

We know that communication is hard. But it’s also an essential part of being human! Communication happens on a variety of different levels: face-to-face interaction, public speaking engagements, pitches and presentations, conflict resolution, and branding. Even self-evaluation and reflection is a form of communication.

There are a lot of tips and tricks and rules out there for how to native communication. But what really works? What if we could take a more expansive look at what communication is? We think it’s more than a PowerPoint or a business pitch or a keynote speech.

We think communication is all about presence. It’s the way we present ourselves to the world. Whether it’s putting a true, personal story on stage in front of an audience, helping businesses identify their passion, or how to or helping scientists translate their data and research into a compelling story to share with the public, we’re here to help.

Team communication training: storytelling/improv/public speaking

  • Individual coaching
  • Storytelling coaching
  • In-house storytelling events for your employees or leadership team Keynote talks for events
  • Design thinking inspired problem solving sessions
  • Emcee services for events

We have proudly worked alongside a wide variety of clients all over the country. We’re proud to work with people from all walks of life, from

Gainesville community members to clients like Capital One, Exactech, McKinsey, The University of Florida, and NCAA sports teams. Taylor is a GNV native who went away to train and learn comedy, writing, and performance in NYC and DC before settling back into Gainesville to do the work she loves. She loves teaching undergrads and graduate students at UF. She holds degrees in business administration and counselor education and a certification in design

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