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James Story was born and raised in San Francisco during the wildly transformational and emerging video game and personal PC culture.

James Story was born and raised in San Francisco during the wildly transformational and emerging video game and personal PC culture. His favorite childhood recollections are riding bikes with friends for miles with a roll of quarters in his pocket, the destination, Pier 39’s video game mecha. These experiences lead to his embrace of technology and the wide-open creative landscape that it offered to him. James is a father, husband, American Entrepreneur, Veteran Marine, and believer in Christ. James graduated Dean’s List where he earned a B.S. in Business from California State University Northridge with a focus on market research. Ironically, his college education albeit good would lead him to write the essay titled “The Case Against College”, which steered may of its readers toward unique alternative choices over the traditional college education system.

Creativity and altruism married to high concept ideas aimed at the heart of solving problems have always stood to define James’ brand of entrepreneurship. His self inoculation to the potential harms of the word “no”, could be given credit to G.K. Chesterton’s “An inconvenience is merely an adventure misunderstood”. This sentiment would serve him faithfully during his life long mission in thinking, creating and marketing and a lifestyle revolving around the repetition of this process. The sum of two of his core competencies, firearms, and blockchain technology, would lead him to embark on the Guncerts project.

Guncerts will harness the inherent power and security from block-chain technology, and marry it to the high profile firearm industry which may benefit from some innovative selfpolicing from the private sector. Guncerts may free up thousands of law enforcement hours, nationwide, currently used to investigate the history and or true ownership of a firearm. Guncerts would achieve this by using the Ravencoin Protocol, by issuing a non-fungible digital asset to represent a real-life asset. Imagine the digital token which is assigned to a real-life asset as a certificate of authenticity. The digital token may function like and provide value like Carfax does for vehicle ownership, transfers, repairs, and can even use messaging to alert owners of important recalls.

One of the brightest futures in blockchain technology may b e the us e of digital representations, or tokens, to represent realworld assets. In Guncerts case, that is a firearm. Tokens may include information about the firearm to include, make, model, serial number, the gun may then be linked to the token by a laser etch. The laser etching would, in effect, announce to any “need to know party” that the firearm has been tokenized and relevant information regarding the firearm exists, digitally. Gun owners will finally have the ability to easily and quickly prove ownership, transfer, record repairs and or upgrades while enjoying greater privacy as their personal information would never be attached to the token. Manufacturers, distributors and or importers can benefit from logistical advantages throughout the supply chain. Manufacturers could quickly and costeffectively communicate to the token holders in the event there is a recall or other important information needing to make it to the firearm i.e., token holder. The token would also transfer to the new party in the event the firearm is sold and or gifted away, thereby giving the new party all the functionality the token offers, including warranty benefits, etc. The aim of Guncerts goes even further than the tokenization of firearms. The firearm industry is currently underserved due to the restrictions placed by Washington and the banking industry. The results are higher fees associated with risk, inability to secure merchant processing services and the outright deplatforming of firearm sales by PayPal, SqureUp, and Shopify. Guncerts will fill this void by having a comprehensive sales, inventory, and payment gateway for firearm dealers. Finally, a fullservice sales platform dedicated to the firearm industry. Guncerts would even have a simple way to allow customers to pay for firearms using cryptocurrency.

In order to accurately link or transfer ownership and record usage i.e., history of the firearm, GUNCERTS turns to the Ravencoin network. Ravencoin excels with perfection in proving who owns what asset and the firearm industry provides the perfect use case. For more information on Ravencoin please see our White Paper which is free for download off www. Guncerts.com Guncerts is patent-pending and headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT.



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