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Heidi is an entrepreneur and computer scientist who anticipates the needs of businesses and society as they’re transformed by digital technology. She earned her Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. She is constantly seeking the edge of change and where she finds it, she pushes to capitalize on it to make a breakthrough.

For example, early on she saw that internet video would transform the world of television. So in 2005, she cofounded the interactive media company Avinity Systems in the Netherlands along with her now husband and her college engineering friends Ronald Brockmann , Arnoud Zwemmer, Maarten Hoeben and Andre Blum. The company created
technologies that enabled the conversion of television and the Internet. Their work paved the way toward the world of streaming video that we enjoy today through all the popular streaming media services.

ActiveVideo, a US company based in San Jose, acquired Avinity in 2009 and Heidi and Ron then moved to Silicon Valley with their four children in 2013.

Fast forward to today, and it was during the pandemic that Heidi saw how online gaming has become a lifeline for kids who need to maintain social contact with their friends. Gaming enabled them to engage in their natural need for play and interaction beyond just chatting. But she also worried about how little parents knew or understood about what was going on in these online worlds.

Interactive technologies and social media are transforming our kids’ worlds. The line between virtual and analog realities is growing blurrier, and parents naturally wonder how their children can navigate safely through these online and offline worlds.

These insights led Heidi to create GuardianGamer. The company offers a platform that is designed for parents with gaming children: It provides children with responsible online mentors and reports to parents about their activities — just like a babysitter would provide a report to parents after a trip to the playground.

Heidi is committed to her mission. She wants to create a safe and positive gaming metaverse for the future.

“GuardianGamer’s mission is to show children how to navigate the online gaming world safely. We provide a pair of eyes and mentorship on behalf of parents/legal guardians. We keep them safe in a number of ways: We monitor their children’s online interactions, encourage them to develop healthy, self-regulating habits, model behaviors and support their gaming skills, attitudes and behaviors. The goal is to contribute to their development as socially responsible gamers, while providing parents with insightful information about the online sessions.”

“ Parents have no control or supervision on what goes on online. Although parents are willing to play games with their kids, they aren’t as skilled so they can’t really keep up. Some parents don’t have time to engage. Parents are worried about online “toxicity” and look for peace of mind and positivity.”

Join one of our trusted Guardiangamers for a freeplay session. Pick a game and start playing!

Join one of our trusted Guardiangamers for a freeplay session. Pick a game and start playing!

Connect with one of our verified game coaches to take your skills to the next and start playing!

Get on track with pre-scheduled gaming sessions designed to help moderate game time.

Kids want to play online games but have to deal with their parents’ lack of understanding. “They don’t understand me.” They are influenced beyond their own ability, and unknown sources and need help making the right decisions.”

“The goal of the guardian is not to bog down the session or steal the fun from the experience. We are there to enhance and chronicle, to highlight the game session so the parent can look upon the adventure proudly. We also believe in the learning power of independence and want the child to explore gaming on their own, we are simply there when they need help.”

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