> Groundswell-Dedicated To Supporting Space Coast Entrepreneurs And Innovators

Groundswell is a network of serial entrepreneurs and expert mentors dedicated to supporting Space Coast entrepreneurs and innovators. As a business incubator and co-working space, and through its robust mentor community, networking opportunities, and tailored programming, Groundswell is devoted to building an environment that fosters innovation and empowers high-growth startups in the Space Coast.

Groundswell was founded in June 2015 by three serial entrepreneurs and Space Coast natives. The entrepreneurs-turned-investors say that it’s the high potential of emerging tech talent in the region that inspired the GS initiative, which aims to strengthen the existing startup culture by equipping founders with necessary resources and connecting them with capital. The company is growing a community and culture where seasoned experts, aspiring entrepreneurs, and established organizations all play a part in contributing to startup success.
Groundswell connects high-tech founders with a diverse pool of pro bono mentors, experts in intellectual property, manufacturing, human resources, and product and business development, among others. Mentors in the GS network dedicate a few hours of support to the network each month and agree not to sell to or take equity in a company as part of a formal mentor agreement.
Groundswell hosts dozens of events each year in an effort to celebrate milestones and raise awareness of major obstacles and solutions within the startup environment. These events yield new collaborations and introductions to potential founders and teams.
A robust startup ecosystem cultivates greater innovative thinking across the board, drives talent, and improves retention. By working with Groundswell, partner organizations have the opportunity to empower and promote the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.


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