Greg McClure, AIA, LEED

AP Principal - Delawie

From its famous beaches to its craft brew scene, from the Gaslamp district to its mountains in the East, San Diego is a place people want to live. Once defined primarily by the military and surfing, in the past 20 years, we have seen San Diego become home to some of the most innovative companies on the planet and some of the nation’s top schools, each with their own unique contributions to San Diego’s innovation ecosystem.

Since joining Delawie in 2004, I have focused my professional career on large-scale commercial projects for clients such as Qualcomm Incorporated, Illumina, and BioLegend, to name a few. These are the companies that will shape the future of San Diego, and the world. These clients are some of San Diego’s premier innovators on the cutting edge of their fields to push their industries a bit further than the competition can go. In order to do this, our clients have to attract the top talent in the industry and keep them happy at work. To produce the next technological advancement or the next innovation in biotech, the next microchip or the newest antibody, our clients need the best people. They need talent, better talent than the other guys because at the end of the day that is what drives innovation: individual discovery. Innovation comes from the scientist in the lab or at their computer, pushing forward each day, developing new methods, making things better.

And so we design world-class corporate campuses. We make work a place people want to be. Because happy workers are crucial for our clients. When a worker’s basic needs are fulfilled they are productive, when you give them more than that they are innovators, and those are the people our clients need to be.


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