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Everyone knows Silicon Valley. Greenlight Technologies is bringing that same reputation to Flemington, New Jersey with its game-changing solutions for monitoring and managing risk, compliance and performance across the enterprise. It all began in 2004 when Anand Adya, Greenlight Technologies founder, made it his mission to empower organizations to control enterprise risks and improve performance. This singular focus led to the creation of the Greenlight platform, which solves the biggest security and governance challenges organizations face, making real-time insight across all critical applications not only possible but surprisingly easy and cost-effective. And because Anand chose Flemington for its headquarters, Greenlight is making the case for the city to be considered the software capital of New Jersey.

Greenlight’s platform prevents authorized users from performing unauthorized activities. Their unique ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple business applications, coupled with powerful analytics, delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure, regulatory compliance, and business opportunities. Risk is presented in dollars rather than on a scale, making it much easier to understand. Users gain real-time insight into the financial impact of risk and can see risk exposure trends by user, department, business unit, plant, purchasing organization.

SAP took notice and became a reseller, relying on the Greenlight platform to extend SAP GRC access and business process control monitoring capabilities to SAP and non-SAP business applications.

Greenlight is changing the way industry-leading organizations manage their internal controls program across business applications and transforming corporate governance from being based on trust to being based on real-time facts. The world’s most respected, global companies rely on Greenlight to protect their assets from financial, operational, regulatory and security threats, ensure corporate compliance and improve performance. Greenlight’s customers have saved millions in labor costs, audit fees, and loss prevention.

Greenlight is also changing the way Chief Financial Officers increase performance and free up cash flow on the balance sheet. Its Balance Sheet of the Future™ solution enables end-to-end process visibility and drives strategic and day-to-day decisions. It combines business drivers and metrics to detect opportunities as conditions change, providing the CFO with an unprecedented view of the balance sheet.

What’s next?
Well, Greenlight is just getting started.

Along with its headquarters in Flemington, Greenlight Technologies has offices in Pune, India and Walldorf, Germany. The company continues to be unrelenting in the pursuit of its mission to transform corporate governance and solve previously unsolvable problems for our customers.

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