Greenhouse PR - Supports The Urgent Transition To A Sustainable World Where People And The Planet Can Thrive




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Greenhouse PR was formed over a decade ago with a single-minded belief in the power of PR to deliver positive social and environmental change.

We work exclusively with pioneers who have the ideas, solutions, and technologies to accelerate positive change. We champion the changemakers and support the urgent transition to a sustainable world where people and the planet can thrive.


Our highly committed and values-driven team crafts a new narrative about what’s possible, using positive, solution-led stories to spread a message of hope while emphasising the urgent need to act.

As a specialist green PR agency, Greenhouse is uniquely placed to champion the change-makers and support the urgent transition to a sustainable economic model that benefits both people and the planet.

We deliver award-winning campaigns for our clients. In 2018 we were awarded Communications Agency of the Year at the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards and Small Consultancy of the Year at the PRCA Awards. The agency has also been highly commended for the PR Week 2019 Awards in the Specialist Consultancy of the Year Award.

Our campaigns range from future-proofing the UK’s energy and EV networks to campaigning for local pension fund divestment from fossil fuels. All of our clients subscribe to the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

We believe that business can be and should be a force for good. As a certified B Corporation, we have undertaken a rigorous assessment to ensure that our ethical business practices are embedded in every aspect of the company.

Headquartered in Bristol, the only UK city to be awarded the title of European Green Capital, our ambition is to grow to a turnover of £3 million and 30 staff over the next three years, working with the UK’s leading sustainable brands to scale impact and accelerate change.

Specialising in the green sector has enabled us to build a thriving, profitable business. A shared mission and purpose with clients and staff mean you can create a company culture based on mutual respect and support, where happy and motivated staff are intrinsic to our success.

By offering flexible working arrangements and promoting a healthy work/life balance, with weekly yoga classes, organic food, subsidies for cycling to work, and free tickets to green festivals and events, we have good staff retention rates.

We aspire to inspire. Although we have been mastering our own environmental policies for many years, we now see our position in the industry evolving—to help other agencies and individuals to fulfill their potential and change the whole industry for the better.

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