Every morning, as the sun rises above the mountains and the early morning city lights glitter with flashes of orange, we all wake up with a new chance—a fresh opportunity. Each sunrise in Phoenix, Arizona, is the start of a new day and a clean slate. The Greater Phoenix Chamber embraces the opportunities that our community offers to everyone— the opportunities to innovate, to grow, to pave your own path. We are the place to collaborate, to bring in multiple viewpoints, to continue to build the Arizona we want.


Perspective on Innovation
Phoenix is home to more than 1.6 million individuals and that number continues to soar. It’s a place where anyone can come for a first or new beginning.
Phoenix is different from other major metro areas. It’s easy to come here from anywhere in the world and be new. Where you’re from, which school you attended, or who you know is not a prerequisite for admission to our community.
There are no barriers to entry here, you can come from anywhere and carve your pathway to success. Phoenix attracts innovators, entrepreneurs, artists—and so many who are searching for a place to spread their wings. I came to Arizona in 1983 and never looked back. When I landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport, I knew this desert oasis would be home. The city was smaller then, but just as welcoming and stunning as it is today. We moved here from our home in Bogota, Colombia. My parents wanted to repatriate back to the United States so that my brothers and I could complete our education. I finished high school and while I worked my way through college, I worked as a Page at the Arizona Legislature. At the time, I had no idea that my humble start would lead me to the Greater Phoenix Chamber, or the work that I’m able to support in the community.
From my experience, I know that it can be done in Phoenix and that’s why I’m passionate about my efforts to have led the Chamber as the organization focused on regional prosperity. By concentrating on three distinct areas—economic development, public policy, and workforce development—the Chamber is focused on supporting a thriving economy. We know ensuring Phoenix has the resources businesses need to thrive including well-planned infrastructure, a multifaceted education system, forward-thinking research universities, and informed regulatory structures, ultimately ensure that innovators have the tools they need to start here and to grow here.
Every day the Chamber advocates for businesses. With an emphasis on a responsible public policy that fosters growth, our organization encourages elected leaders to focus on business support, education and workforce development, investments in our infrastructure that provide a strong platform for strong businesses.
Through our economic development efforts and business retention and expansion platform, I know that one of businesses’ largest pain points is their inability to find qualified talent. And so, the Chamber launched our Foundation and subsequent workforce development efforts to bridge the gap between business and education. Workforce is key to our future. Ensuring that Phoenix is a place that people want to live and work is one way that we’re helping businesses thrive and supporting daily innovation.
The future of innovation is here in Phoenix. It’s in our streets. It’s in our office buildings, co-working spaces, and coffee shops. It’s in our airport and evolving transportation and transit assets. Innovation is Phoenix—constantly evolving and rising to meet new challenges. With a renewed focus on thoughtful public policy, a drive to move our economy forward, and the ability to take untapped talent and create new opportunities to strengthen our community’s ecosystem, I know that Phoenix will remain a hub for innovators, entrepreneurial experiments, and a magnet for those looking to rise from their ashes.


Why Phoenix?
Phoenix is full of opportunity for everyone. It doesn’t matter your background, you can thrive in Phoenix, because we embrace diversity, new ideas, and innovation.
The Future of Innovation
The future of innovation in Phoenix is bright, and we will continue to surge. From our state universities to our community and association leadership, innovation is encouraged and supported. As long as thought leaders in our community bring forth ideas, Phoenix will provide a welcoming space for individuals and companies to innovate.
Advice & Best Practices
The key to success in Phoenix is the willingness to collaborate. Our community has made great strides simply by having our business work together to solve challenges and provide solutions for a more thriving economy. Engage in our community. There are endless leadership opportunities where you can make your voice and your ideas heard; find your passion and plugin.

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