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In 1952, American philosopher Nelson Goodman theorized a profound interpretation of time and perspective in what he called the new riddle of induction, also known as the Grue and Bleen Theory. This theory stated that what we expect to be true today is based solely on our experiences of the past, but that tomorrow may bring change from unforeseen realities of the future.

In his writing, Nelson Goodman used the color blue as an example to explain this philosophy: he stated that the blue we recognize is only guaranteed to look the way it does at this exact moment, as we expect it, based on what we think it should look like from how we’ve always known it. At any time after “right now,” we may see this color as though it were green, and therefore, that object wasn’t ever really blue, but grue, the representative shift of our perception from blue to green.

My personal philosophy is to say ‘Yes!’ to anything and everything that you think you will learn from in a positive way. Just keep on saying yes to yourself, understanding that things will work out. That energy will allow you and your company to succeed. – Josh Silverbauer, CEO

The belief that what was may not be the same as what will be is the motivation behind Great Big Digital Agency (formerly Grue & Bleen), a digital and creative agency owned and operated by five best friends who grew up and experienced life together in the suburbs of Philadelphia and the outskirts of New Jersey.

Great Big Digital Agency owners and partners believe wholeheartedly that the way marketing, social media, analytics, branding, and even creativity have been done in the past may not work in the future. Traditions and conventions may appear to be the best options at this moment in time, but change is inevitable and necessary, and there is always room to evolve for the moments to come. This is how the partners of Great Big Digital Agency run and operate their business.

Since 2015, Great Big Digital Agency has worked for companies ranging in size from startups to regional chains to large museums and universities, providing key services to help them evolve. Whether through creating branding, increasing effective exposure, or understanding key business data points, the team helps bring about effective change to allow their clients to embrace the future.

Great Big Digital Agency’s strength lies in the ability to fuse the left and right side of the brain, combining creative and practical skillsets through technology to harness its full power. Taking an approach that mirrors their history of doing this for fun, these five best friends bring energy and passion to each client experience to empower them to think differently regarding their website creation, digital marketing, and data analysis.

The team unapologetically gets involved with Philadelphia companies bringing their ideas into the real world from start to finish and loves working with startups in particular. In the truest Great Big Digital Agency fashion, they too want to change how people experience the world.

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