> GRC- The Immersion Cooling Authority

When GRC was founded in 2009, liquid cooling was primarily used for mainframes and supercomputers. These cooling systems surrounded servers with water-filled piping to remove the heat generated. At the same time, standard data centers were typically air-cooled. Both methods were incredibly inefficient and required large infrastructure & capital expenditures, along with high energy & maintenance costs.

The team at GRC had a plan to break through these limitations and better serve the burgeoning data center space – submerging servers directly in dielectric fluid. This method of cooling dramatically simplifies infrastructure, increases options for design & location, and improves overall efficiency, density, & cooling capacity. Ten years, eleven patents (with ten more pending), and millions of hours of customer runtime later, GRC is synonymous with single-phase immersion cooling.
In 2010, the team brought their first-generation immersion cooling solutions to market – utilizing ElectroSafe™. ElectroSafe is GRC’s proprietary coolant which provides 1,200x the heat capacity of air, removes heat quickly, and is as safe as baby oil. Their innovative approach to cooling ever-increasing server heat loads forever changed the dynamics of data center operations. By eliminating air conditioners, air handlers, and chillers, GRC’s technology reduces power usage, simplifies design, and fits more compute power within smaller footprints – saving up to 95% in cooling energy and reducing data center construction costs by up to 60%.
In 2018, GRC rebranded from Green Revolution Cooling to reflect the expansion of its product lines into complete data center solutions, such as their ICEtank™ and HashTank™ self-contained, modular data centers. These turnkey units include configurable density, heat rejection, power distribution, and backup power options, along with other core components, and offer customers limitless capacity, unmatched efficiency, and quick deployment to even the most remote locations.

Over the last decade, GRC’s complete line of powerful and cost-effective data center solutions have helped some of the largest defense, cloud, HPC, and telecom organizations, including Orange, Intel, and the US Air Force, build & operate efficient, cost-effective, and reliable data centers in thirteen countries across the globe.
Fueled by the growing popularity of high-density applications, such as AI, blockchain, edge computing, and IoT, the company grew by nearly 500% in 2018. Led by CEO Peter Poulin, with over 30 years’ experience in the technology industry, GRC is now known as the ‘Immersion Cooling Authority.’
While developing their groundbreaking solution, GRC won a Disruptive Technology of the Year award at Supercomputing ‘09 and received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to fund their research and development. In 2010, GRC continued garnering honors and went on to win a second DisruptiveTechnology of the Year award, they also delivered their first system to Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), at the time, the ninth-fastest supercomputer on the Top-500 supercomputing list. The company received additional grants from the NSF and the Department of Defense in 2012. Then, in both 2013 and 2014, the Green500 ranked Tokyo Institute of Technology’s TSUBAME-KF supercomputer, utilizing GRC’s immersion cooling technology, #1 in the world for supercomputer power efficiency. In 2017 GRC was recognized as one of the Top 25 Data Center Tech Companies by CIO Applications magazine.

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