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All companies are focused on innovation as a key challenge in business today. The speed of innovation and the cost of implementing new technologies require careful consideration of future investment strategies.

Opportunities to innovate are also expanding, particularly with new opportunities to increase insights into the business and to improve the customer experience.

Grant Thornton is committed to helping our clients navigate the innovation maze. Our service teams are focused on integrating technology into our projects, whether it is a financial statement audit, a due diligence assignment or an assessment of a client’s tax strategy. In some cases, we have developed industry specific innovation solutions for clients such as financial services and life sciences companies.

To serve our clients more effectively, Grant Thornton has integrated teams across a number of technology-enabled functions to promote a culture of shared goals and collaboration. Our new Technology and Transformation (T&T) team merges our innovation solutions and business technology and knowledge management capabilities to enhance our client experience. We have a strategic vision for innovation that is aligned to our firm’s strategy and driving results through technology across the enterprise.

From inspiration to innovation

In the next five years, many industries will be disrupted and business models will continue to evolve. New technologies — data analytics, robotics process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence — are fundamentally changing what our clients deliver to their customers and what we do for our clients. No company can escape this wave of change, and companies that fail to innovate will not survive. At Grant Thornton, we find new ideas quickly, we use data to uncover insights, and we leverage technology at the right time.

Grant Thornton has adopted processes that enable its people and clients to realize the promise of innovation, and has rethought its criteria for recruiting, developing and retaining those best equipped to make the most of new technology. Such innovative tools now provide the ability to take a deep dive into a business, in real time and on an ongoing basis, to identify both potential problem areas and opportunities so that they may be quickly addressed. The race typically goes to those who possess the expertise to analyze the data and apply it wisely to make critical decisions.

How do we deliver innovation?

We are leveraging analytics and innovative tools to enhance the audit process. Our audit professionals are experts in using these technologies and tools to deliver a quality experience to our clients. An essential step for success in this disruptive environment is to embrace change in our audit process, rather than resist it. Change is already here, and applying advances in automation and analytics will help lead the way.

Grant Thornton has created a culture of continuous learning and improvement by constantly looking for ways to increase the value of an audit. Innovative tools and processes for audits can substantially improve audit quality and efficiency, generate new insights and help elevate the audit function overall. Furthered by Grant Thornton’s commitment to innovation and retaining the best talent, our tools and technology can help our clients achieve the best results.

“Innovation is about constantly challenging the status quo. That means being curious, understanding the market, listening to our clients’ business challenges and looking ahead for opportunities and potential disrupters. We’re building solutions that make our clients more competitive, nimble and compliant – and we’re doing the same for our own business at Grant Thornton.” – GRANT THORNTON LLP

Tax Innovation
The tax landscape is forever evolving. Technology is driving disruptive changes across all aspects of business today, and traditional tax functions are struggling to keep up. Every organization’s tax circumstances are unique, and at Grant Thornton, we understand that tax innovation means crafting pragmatic, customized, scalable approaches that utilize disruptive technologies and best practices to unlock new value for our clients.

We have helped our clients achieve Automated Tax Intelligence by using high-powered tools such as Domo, Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI. Our experience with and strategic use of various analytics platforms has enabled us to help clients choose the right solution and learn about their chosen tool. With the help of our experts, our clients can realize the full potential of their tax intelligence tools, which can ultimately help improve quality and reduce costs.

Our experiences have solved the challenge of using a single tool as a complete workflow chain. We help connect all sources of data and people to optimize the tax function. Most importantly, we have added significant value to the overall organization.

Digital Transformation
Many companies have become overwhelmed by the potential and the volume of information generated by new technologies. Very few companies feel comfortable that they have fully tapped the potential of these innovations. At Grant Thornton, we focus on the strategic application and use of technology to improve operational effectiveness, customer and employee engagement, and create new digitally enabled business models.

We share our knowledge and capabilities in intelligent automation, cloud migration, data strategy, IT integration and program management to help companies assess and embrace innovation. We also work with clients to develop advanced data visualization through foundation analytics, cross-domain analytics, score carding and strategy management.

We believe that a strong analytics program provides a roadmap for consistently transforming data generated by new technologies into valuable operational insights. Grant Thornton recognizes the need to stay ahead of the game and continues to be a forward thinking, agile and innovative firm.

About Grant Thornton LLP

Founded in Chicago in 1924, Grant Thornton LLP (Grant Thornton) is the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd, one of the world’s leading organizations of independent audit, tax and advisory firms. Grant Thornton, which has revenues in excess of $1.8 billion and operates in 58 offices, works with a broad range of dynamic publicly and privately held companies, government agencies, financial institutions, and civic and religious organizations.

Grant Thornton’s Metropark office, located in Iselin, New Jersey, is the second largest of the metro New York cluster. We have nearly 200 partners and employees working in the Metropark office.

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