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Grant Associates is a pioneering international landscape architecture practice.

Our work reconnects people with nature in insightful, delightful and distinctive ways whilst addressing the global challenges of urbanisation, the climate emergency and biodiversity extinction.

Our Story
Founded in 1997, we explore the emerging frontiers of landscape architecture within sustainable development.

Our design process is underpinned by a knowledge of human behaviour, nature and ecological science combined with innovative technologies, original thinking and creative collaboration.

We work across a broad spectrum of project types — from small-scale interventions, to mega-sized planning studies in urban and rural environments all over the world.

We are perhaps best known for designing Gardens by the Bay – a 54 hectare visitor attraction in Singapore with its iconic Supertrees, designed to reconnect people with the wonders of the natural world. This multi-award-winning project combines contemporary design with pioneering environmental technologies to create what Sir David Attenborough hailed as ‘perhaps the most spectacular example of city greening in the world’ in the hit BBC TV series Planet Earth 2.

Our Vision
In this era of climate emergency and biodiversity loss, our role as landscape architects has never been more important.

Looking ahead, we believe there are enormous opportunities for us to redefine the increasingly high density urbanised world by always thinking about how to assert the systems of nature alongside the senses of nature using our unique imagination.

In our future design projects, we will seek to balance the science of landscape with a greater emphasis on emotional responses of beauty, delight and wonder.

Of course, we must still consider the full spectrum of landscape design, from sustainable water systems to habitat protection, energy efficiency, well-being, food, biodiversity, play, education and pragmatic functionality. But we know people will only value our landscapes if they feel a personal response to the experience of using them. And we know this will always be greater if we can deliver some connection to our emotional sense of nature and sense of wildness.

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