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Actions Matter.® While these words may seem straightforward, they embody a wisdom that has fueled Graham Company to redefine what it means to be an insurance broker, turning a typically stodgy and reactive industry into a proactive vocation. What does that represent to clients?

William A. “Bill” Graham IV, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Graham Company

Graham Company celebrates becoming 100% employee owned.

It means our clients have a true strategic partner in their corner, committed 24/7 to protecting their employees and bottom line. As relentless client advocates, working with a wide range of leading brands and institutions in high-risk industries, our business has grown through long-term client relationships, often spanning decades.

The Graham Way
William A. “Bill” Graham IV, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Graham Company, has been an innovative pioneer in the insurance industry for more than 50 years. Through hard work, determination and a true commitment to client service, Bill has grown Graham Company from five employees with revenues of $62,000 to a team of over 180 employees with offices in Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C. Today, with revenues approaching $60 million, Graham Company is one of the largest insurance and employee benefits brokers in the country.

Early on, Bill identified a business strategy unlike any insurance broker in the market. It starts with hiring the best and brightest – from any professional background – and providing best in class training to become true experts in all aspects of insurance. This non-traditional recruitment strategy gives Graham Company an unmatched talent pool, attracting attorneys, engineers, CPAs, nurses and even nuclear engineers.

Utilizing an incredible depth of employee expertise, we are guided by a sobering reality: The decisions we make can often be the difference between success and bankruptcy, life or death. This is why we worry about our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. Employees are truly passionate about serving as strategic partners for their clients, always proactively thinking about how to better protect them from risks and working hand in hand to make smart business decisions.

A Bridge to the Future
While the insurance industry is experiencing rapid consolidation, Graham Company is taking a contrarian approach. In 2017, Graham Company announced it was becoming 100 percent employee owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The decision was motivated by a strong desire to invest in what we see as our primary differentiator – our people – to guarantee that we are able to operate in perpetuity under the values that have served our clients so well for more than half a century.

The ESOP provides a constancy of purpose and focuses everyone on the mission of exceeding the expectations of our customers. With the future of Graham Company bright, we’re on a mission to continue to set the gold standard for what companies should expect from their insurance broker.

Graham Company

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