Facilitating the Integration of AI in the Manufacturing Industry

Over the past decade, the manufacturing industry has shown increasing interest in AI. The benefits of its use in manufacturing include, among others, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved quality.1 However, many traditional manufacturing industries face the challenges of these new AI powered technologies, in terms of market demand and competition. The integration of these new technologies is the biggest challenge faced by manufacturers.2 Now that the importance and benefits are known, how can the friction of integration be reduced?

Solutions like the one offered by AXYA represent the key to a rapid and seamless integration of AI technologies in the manufacturing industry. AXYA is an innovative technology company that has developed the best technological solution for all companies that have manufacturing needs or capabilities in CNC machining, sheet metal and welded assembly. Its product is an easy-to-use online platform and that is why it represents a first step towards integrating AI into a manufacturing company

The company is working to solve two main problems with their AI solution. The first is the accurate price estimation of a part based on information from the manufacturing process and geometry. For this we leverage classical supervised learning method to train a regressor on a wealth of historical request for quotation pricing. We call this methodology a should-costing estimator.

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The second is the assessment of the manufacturability of a given part, which means knowing how difficult certain areas of the part are to manufacture given the current manufacturing best practices. This problem can currently be tackled by using computer vision algorithm that analyze the part along different criterion: visibility, reachability, accessibility and setup complexity.

AI in manufacturing is still quite new, but we are already seeing the significant benefits it can bring. As technology matures and becomes cheaper, more businesses will benefit from AI technologies. It is expected to change all manufacturing industries from design, production, supply chain, customer service and more.

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