Gorilla Marketing is a full-service marketing agency founded in 2020 by Philippe Van Doninck, Thomas Deckers and Dean Pynaerts. After managing several successful projects in the past, they decided to combine their knowledge, experience and ambitious minds. By joining forces, Gorilla Marketing was born.

Merely a couple of months after launching their enterprise, two enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirits, Debora Tsibulevsky and Boris Terzic, hopped on board to complete ‘the Gorilla family’. This core team of five runs the company today, each with their own strengths and expertise.

The Gorillas
With the same vision in mind, the gorillas describe themselves as a cohesive team with a hands-on mentality and a creative spirit. They all contribute and want to make Gorilla Marketing and The Timechamber a huge success.

While Philippe is a master at coming up with out-of-the-box concepts, Dean is very sharp at turning these ideas into something phenomenal. In addition, Boris is a born strategist and always knows how to get things done. Thomas likes to take the reins and is the unofficial captain of the ship. Despite Debora being the only woman on the team, she can stand her ground and is a hack at connecting people. Together they can face any challenge.

With their fresh, innovative ideas they already proved themselves worthy as a marketing agency, helping dozens of companies defining their position in the market and upping their (digital) game.

Let’s go bananas
When choosing Gorilla Marketing, you choose an entire team. Together they’ll fulfill your company’s needs and support you from A to Z. Due to their wide range of services, they might just make the difference for your company. And to educate your in-house department and lift them to a higher level, you can take advantage of their social media or marketing workshops.

Time to create
An average marketing agency? Definitely not! What makes them so unique is their creative content studio – The Timechamber. The name and concept of this studio is based on The Hyperbolic Time Chamber from Dragon Ball Z. It’s a space where the team plays with time and where time works for them, because the impact of great content can’t be

The mastermind behind this concept is Philippe, he came up with this urban content jungle concept. Over time, the gorillas have transformed this studio into a networking hub with advice and creative services. It’s definitely more than just an office, it’s a place where people can connect with themselves and others. The ultimate goal is to build a community of creators and creatives.

When you spend time in the studio, you can use various tools including high-end photography and videography equipment, green screens, proper lighting, etc. Whether you’re a company, a start-up brand or a young content creator looking to grow or in need of support in content creation, The Timechamber is the place to be.

The Timelab
Transforming fun ideas into reality? Two product development students, Lars Van Dyck and Senne Bernaerts, are up for the challenge. Together with the team, they set up a creative makerspace, The Timelab. It’s a separate space inside the Timechamber where they work on their projects.

Armed with a couple of 3D printers and a bad-ass laser cutter, they are able to mold all digital creations into tangible, physical objects. They engrave anything you can imagine and make unique, real life gadgets. If a company wants to take their branding to the next level, these guys will make it happen. Their client base consists mainly of event agencies, hospitality businesses, and youth movements.

Developing and personalizing products such as stamps, signage, and promotional gifts are no secret to Lars and Senne. This is also due to their extensive knowledge in the world of 3D modeling, and software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Their purpose is to help others by providing qualitative and professional products, especially when it comes to the branding of a start-up, product development, prototyping or super cool video animations. The possibilities are endless!


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