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Like many great start-up ideas, GoFor started as a napkin sketch. Having spent 10 years in the construction industry after a career in technology, co-founder Brad Rollo recognized a common problem faced by people like him while out for drinks one night.

“I was out with a couple of construction buddies, and we were all complaining about the same issue — spending all day in our trucks picking up materials.” says Rollo. “One of them was like,

‘Man, you have a tech background. Why don’t you solve it?’ And that’s how GoFor started.”

GoFor launched in 2016 with a small offering of cars, pickups, and cargo vans through a marketplace model. They quickly added specialty vehicles like Moffett trucks, boom trucks and other heavy duty options as the company responded to market demand.

Since then, GoFor has further expanded its offering to fill the need for same day and last mile logistics support for distributors and suppliers. “Everything that sits above delivery, also has issues. And that was the insertion point.” says Rollo.


“Our sole business focus is solving for efficiency in last mile logistics. Merchants are continually moving the needle on customer experience — but the last mile delivery experience has most often been ignored.”
As GoFor becomes embedded in its partners’ ecosystems it can help them scale and drive efficiencies in last-mile logistics so they can exceed their customers expectations on the frontend.” This has all allowed GoFor to scale to the next stage of its evolution — an Enterprise SaaS suite which includes dispatch, fleet management, and logistics reporting.

GoFor’s dedication to innovation has helped it secure funding from some of the best VC’s in the world focused on construction tech including Builder’s VC, Panache, Plug & Play, Mucker, CEMEX Ventures, and I2BF.

The company also has an impressive leadership team composed of three other co-founders with extensive experience building successful business across logistics, supply chain, construction, and technology verticals. This expertise combined with the company’s iterative approach to innovation has allowed it to expand quickly.

“We’ll solve for a set of basic problems for merchants, then we build on our relationships and provide additional solutions to more complex challenges by asking, ‘what opportunities are here? How can we help?’” says Rollo. “The expertise level on our team expedites this process — and we’re able to get innovations to market quickly.”

As on-demand becomes the new standard, GoFor is developing the next level of last mile logistics that will change the way the home improvement and construction industry operates.

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