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Go Puck - The Ultimate Personal Power Solution


With a record of revolutionizing battery technology for the world’s fastest cars, the GO PUCK team set out to create the ultimate personal power solution to charge all USB-powered devices. Mountable, compact and durable, GO PUCK allows you to stay connected, capture priceless moments and enjoy mobile freedom.

Headquartered in Sarasota, FL, GO PUCK is a design and manufacturing company offering a complete mobile power solution designed for the Active Lifestyle. The company founders are responsible for inventing the Automotive Lithium Starting-Battery, the spec IndyCar battery used at every race and they are also patent holders on the Tesla Supercharging system. GO PUCK offers the market’s most intelligent and efficient portfolio of hands-free personal power products that can serve more than 9 billion devices in a market growing to $30B+ by 2021. GO PUCK holds 20 claims on mounting system utility patents with 25 claims pending. GO PUCK continues to innovate and reinvent wearable power and is the world’s first company to offer rental power at Universal Studios Theme Parks. GO PUCK’s power as a service innovation is also becoming available at top sporting events and venues. Clip, strap or mount the power wherever you need while giving you the ability to easily rapid-charge your devices multiple times hands-free (GO PUCK has technology that allows users to spend less than 20 minutes charging from a wall outlet and store enough energy to charge a phone). With the unique mounting system to allow the product to mount to almost anything from bicycles to belts, the GO PUCK is revolutionizing mobile power.

“GO PUCK offers the market’s most intelligent and efficient portfolio of hands-free personal power products that can serve more than 9 billion devices in a market growing to $30B+ by 2021.”

The Start of it All… In 1999, Blake Fuller was trying to set a new record at the annual “Race to the Clouds”—The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. At 18 years old, not only did Blake walk away with the “Rookie of the Year” award, but his interest was piqued to make his car lighter–specifically the heavy 45 lbs. battery in his car. After many iterations, Blake produced a battery nearly four times lighter than the 45 lbs predecessor and shortly thereafter, founded Braille Battery to focus on motorsports batteries based in Sarasota, FL. With a rich history dominating motorsports from NASCAR to Formula 1, Braille Battery would go on to be recognized as inventing the Automotive Lithium starting battery and developing the IndyCar Spec Battery as well as other specialty batteries for the defense, medical and aerospace markets. With international patents pending on over 20 core technologies, Blake has not only brought superior performing products to market, but also has simplified the manufacturing process through exclusive designs. In 2014, Braille Battery was acquired by a group specializing in the material science Graphene. Around the 2011 timeframe with a rise in apps and action cameras, Blake could see the writing on the wall that technological society was headed to the “muscle car era of mobile devices” in which devices would continue to improve performance while exhausting their slowly evolving batteries even faster. To help deal with the forthcoming “battery-fuel crisis”, Blake and team developed the GO PUCK solution to provide handsfree rapid-charging of devices multiple times. Fast forward to 2015, GO PUCK and ROBRADY Design established a partnership to bring GO PUCK’s technology road map to market with next-generation industrial designs and production techniques. Combining innovative strengths, they have secured technology and customer relationships with GoPro, Otter Box, Qualcomm, Arrow Electronics and many others.

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