Has developed innovative programming in public art production and artist selection process


How to implement a groundbreaking public art program, form diverse line up of the world’s best muralists, and ensure support by the community? Creative agency GNV URBAN ART LLC has developed innovative programming in public art production and artist selection process. The company explores major global and social topics through art and face-to-face conceptual approach. In collaboration with open-minded customers that do not restrain but encourage artists’ creative freedom and divergent thinking, the agency competes on the most innovative high-quality products. GNV URBAN ART LLC consults and administers public art programs operating a competitive database of over 1,000 internationally recognized artists.


People constantly make decisions in an environment of uncertainty. Shaping the way to a better future, we implement a core message into our masterpieces to remind people what is important. Surprise makes people pay attention, think, and store unexpected events in memory. In response to the necessity to accelerate the high quality of art in public places, we facilitate better decisions by promoting dialogue, and understanding bounded rationality in community-centered design. Our differentiated capability system includes research, education and community engagement activities that increase acceptance of a change. We predict consequences and find a perfect match between artists and architecture. Trained in decision making, we generate all the feasible alternative courses of action and develop an impartial game plan for innovative projects that empower communities. We conceptualize a style, color palette, technique, and philosophy.

“Each artist has their own place in the street and a powerful message, our work is to find which street in particular and your core message”.



Why are immigrants more productive in the invention field? Because they are under the “edge effect”, pushing the boundaries of two or more ecosystems allowing a greater diversity of ideas and stimulating design mindset. Founder & Director of GNV URBAN ART LLC, Iryna Kanishcheva is a Post-Soviet immigrant that holds an MBA from UF Warrington College of Business and M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Lviv Polytechnic National University. Out of the culturally diverse edges of Iryna’s life experience, she has applied business models and scientific philosophies to her creative thinking, as she has implemented a new approach to organizing cultural projects with an educational mission. Iryna is the founder and curator of several leading-edge public art projects. Among them, the first urban art initiative in North Central Florida, 352walls. She was a recipient of the Public Art Award for the significant contribution to the enhancement of the greater environment through public art; the City Beautification Award for the outstanding public space and community project; and Americans for the Arts National Recognition.



3800 SW 20th Ave
Gainesville, Florida 32607, US
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