A Vancouver-based tech startup, is disrupting the baby gear market




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Glüxkind- A Vancouver-based tech startup, is disrupting the baby gear market with the world’s smartest parent assist baby stroller. Powered by AI, Glüxkind is leading the charge,making gear for today’s families safer,more inclusive and convenient for all.

Anyone who has had to push a conventional baby stroller while attending to a child’s needs knows how simple everyday situations can turn into a big hassle. Endlessly rocking a baby in the stroller who struggles to fall or stay asleep, awkwardly nudging a stroller along while carrying a fussing baby, worrying about those steep hills in your area – all uses up energy sleep deprived parents don’t have.

Kevin Huang, co-founder and CEO

Enter Ella–assisting with everything from following you home while you spend time holding hands and exploring with your toddler, to using “Rock-My-Baby’’ mode to ensure the baby stays soundly asleep while you’re having coffee with friends, to giving you an extra boost when navigating busy and steep cityscapes without worrying you could lose your grip.

Glüxkind wants to help parents focus on the important things by providing piece-of-mind through the latest in parent assist technology. Like many startups, Glüxkind was born as a response to problems personally experienced by founders Anne Hunger and Kevin Huang as they welcomed their first daughter in 2020.

Their search for a stroller led them into excessive market research, which then allowed them to identify a gap as well as an opportunity in the market. It was hard to accept, with so much technology and smart products out there, that parents were still left with very traditional options, heavy and hard to manoeuvre strollers that aren’t designed for real life challenges. The couple wanted to build something that provides meaningful support for new parents, so they took on the challenge themselves.

Anne Hunger, co-founder and CPO

In true startup sentiment, Glüxkind started out of a garage in Vancouver. Two years later, it has grown into an international team packed with experts on a mission to make their vision a reality. Investing in their own proprietary technology, they were able to integrate many life enhancing features into their smart stroller Ella, designed for the comfort of both parents and child.

Ella is designed and optimised for real life, not the showroom. With Ella’s adaptive push and brake assistance, parents and caregivers alike can enjoy effortless walks regardless of terrain; uphill, downhill, and even when fully loaded with groceries and toys, it will be a walk in the park.

When the child is not inside the stroller because they need a hug or a toddler wants to walk instead, parents can activate Ella’s intelligent hands-free strolling. Glüxkind Ella’s advanced parent assist technology empowers parents to be present with their child without compromise or need to multitask.

Whether on-the-go or at home, Glüxkind’s AI stroller offers parents unparalleled support. Soothing features like Rock-MyBaby mode to help the little ones stay asleep, built in white noise playback to keep them asleep, and many more innovations give parents almost a nanny-like experience.

The AI powered stroller “Ella” has been recognized as one of the most innovative products of the world and received the prestigious 2023 CES Innovation Award Honoree title. The award that is sought after by industry heavyweights like Waymo, Garmin, Dell, and Samsung is
further proof of the accomplishments of Glüxkind. It’s also proof that the tech industry leaders acknowledge the potential it has to improve people’s lives in a dramatic way.

“For us as parents, it isn’t about building the most innovative product. Our motivation is to help families create positive memories. It’s about lightening the load. Parenting is really hard, you have to show up every day—no excuses. We want to be the rock parents can lean on, every day knowing that everything will be just fine.” says Anne Hunger, CPO & Co-founder of Glüxkind.

The name Glüxkind comes from the German word Glückskind meaning lucky child or lucky person. It describes somebody who always has luck on their side. That’s exactly how Glüxkind wants new parents to feel when they use the product and join the online community. Glüxkind is here to empower parents as they embark on this next phase of their lives.

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