Global e-Talent Pty Ltd (GeT) is a young Sandton, Johannesburg-based talent search, placement, and onboarding firm. It partners with both private and public organisations, to meet their talent acquisition needs and that such talent is adequately integrated into their business.

Behind the conventional recruitment agency, behind it sits a very strong proposition that seeks to alleviate the problem of unemployed youths of this country.

” Global e-Talent Pty Ltd is committed to playing a pivotal part in developing the graduates by linking them to Learnership programs that are sponsored by the private and public entities,” says founder Nokuthula Molepo, who hails from Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal.

Nokuthula Molepo Managing Director

Molepo completed BA Psychology studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) and is driven by a strong passion to help people, particularly the young.

That philanthropic drive is what after 15 years as a human capital practitioner in various sectors inspired the genesis of the company. A company whose vision ties closely with the development of young talent in South Africa and the continent.

The recruitment specialists are at the forefront of availing recruitment and placement solutions to the niche talent sourcing market. With the company is a strong belief that every private or public organisation deserves the best of a specialist recruitment player.

GeT takes care of talent acquisition requirements through the proven capabilities it has acquired over years. Its talent acquisition capabilities are segmented into core competencies, including but not limited to Executive Search – job specification development/refinement, talent/market mapping, long listing, interviews, and individual profile compilation, shortlisting, integrity verifications, placement; Staffing Solutions – job specification refinement, talent sourcing, talent screening (interviews and/or assessments), short listing and CV submissions, placement with a guarantee.

Also offered is Management and Candidate On-Boarding which involves partnering with organisations to close a fair compensation deal between employer and the candidate, and where pay is a hygiene factor that shouldn’t stand in the way of you finding the right talent.

During onboarding, the executive is led through a careful post-induction process in the first 90 days of employment with the help of a network of executive coaches. This sets up the executive for a smooth transition and quicker assimilation into their new work environment.

Finding the right talent
GeT management has a combined experience of over four decades of talent acquisition experience. Absolute confidence in capabilities and ability to deliver results is abundant, whatever the industry or talent is. Making it easy to find the right talent, at the right time for the right position is made easy.

“We care about the employer brand and EVP. It is for this reason that we always work closely with your hiring HR representative(s), hiring line manager, or executive to gain an intimate understanding of your business, culture, and talent strategy,” said Nokuthula Molepo.

Noting that they always prioritise the elevation and treatment of employers with due respect throughout the search process, from the inception of relationship to accessing the candidate market on clients’ behalf, when approaching candidates, when interviewing, and finally when selecting candidates suitable for business and the specific role.

Complementing the above is that GeT runs an automated candidate administration and verification processes, as well as, a seamless offer management process. For Executive Search, the company has invested in strategic partnership networks throughout the globe, not least of which have proven research capabilities for Executive and C-Suite talent!

New markets and the future
Since its formation, the recruitment experts have always had an ambitious and pioneering developmental spirit. Plans are to continue to accelerate the growth of the recruitment sector in all African target markets in the future.

There has already been an exploration of the Botswana and Namibia markets, with new opportunities enjoyed. Expansion into the SubSaharan region market will then follow.

With Africa moving towards integration, in addition to being young, dynamic, and ambitious, young people will seek professional talent scouting services to enter the job markets on the continent. Therefore, the company has the opportunity to continue harnessing the expertise and leveraging networks. This will strengthen the brand, and grow its footprint through best-in-class recruitment processes.

The strategy is to build the largest and most valuable recruitment brand; through maintaining and growing partnerships while leveraging the emerging brand as the most trusted and valued in South Africa and beyond.

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