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t’s always a great time to change the world for the better!” It’s with that spirit in mind that Austin incubator, Tech Ranch, organized the Impact Innovation Network and began forming what today we refer to as Global Bridges.

Tech Ranch facilitates opportunities to create Global Bridges by working with organizations in various countries to develop their own entrepreneur ecosystems. A strong foundation on both sides of the bridge. We then connect those ecosystems and help entrepreneurs expand to new global markets. Tech Ranch and our partners build and engage a collaborative community for entrepreneurs across the globe, to maximize their impact.

Entrepreneurs have the ability to change the world, but without proper support, connections, and knowledge entrepreneurs often fail. Global Bridges cultivate ecosystems where entrepreneurs can collaborate and thrive. Tech Ranch’s global network of communities is built on a culture of collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, mentors, government leaders, and local businesses to create companies that positively impact their communities and solve global social challenges.

“It’s always a great time to change the world for the better!”

The Innovation Bridge Mexico-Austin program was launched in Spring 2019, to amplify Impact Innovation startups from Mexico by giving them global access to resources, introductions, and entrepreneur education necessary to grow their ventures and solve pervasive global challenges. Tech Ranch selected 10 of Mexico’s most promising impact startups to participate in a training and connection-building program in Austin, TX.

After a nation-wide call for applications, 40 innovative startups became semifinalists. Of that group, only 10 earned the opportunity to come to Austin, TX as finalists. These finalists spent 10 weeks in Austin, forming relationships to help their businesses thrive and expand into the U.S.

These 10 startups represent Mexican innovation across many industries including healthcare, biochemical, energy, fashion, software, and more. Their dedication to improving the world is evident through their work. They are bringing new technologies to the U.S. market, and are making a positive impact.

Because of the Global Bridges program, they are able to share their innovations with the world.

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