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Technology has advanced vastly over a short span of time and Global Arena’s active commitment to using those advancements has allowed it to provide high-quality translation, interpreting, and language & intercultural training services to its clients. Global Arena, based in Philadelphia, has been in operation since 1989.

The current Managing Director, Charlie Humphrey, relocated from Mexico to the U.S. to use his expertise and background to improve company operations in 1992. In 2003, the company rebranded from its origins as a language school to encompass a larger scope of language services. Global Arena’s unwavering dedication to innovation and growth has allowed it to attain longevity within the language services industry.
Global Arena provides a comprehensive package of interpreting services to satisfy all aspects of our client’s needs. We offer in-person (consecutive and simultaneous), telephonic, and video remote interpreting services in 300+ spoken languages and for American Sign Language. Global Arena embodies innovation with the most advanced tools and platforms in the industry to better facilitate operations and service clients. An innovative platform that’s used to help fulfill clients’ needs and manage an extensive network of interpreters is the Advanced Online Scheduler. The Advanced Online Scheduler gives our clients access to their scheduled interpreting assignments and grants them the power to verify, cancel, or modify in-person interpreting assignments as needed. Our clients can be confident that their interpreting assignments will be covered by one of our qualified professional interpreters. The platforms Global Arena engages are employed with the client’s best interest in mind.

Global Arena embodies innovation with the most advanced tools and platforms in the industry to better facilitate operations and service clients.

Global Arena provides document and website translation services in a vast array of languages. Global Arena uses an inventive and cutting edge translation proxy tool to translate and localize websites quickly and efficiently. The Translation Proxy tool allows for website translation into multiple languages, with each translation forming a layer on top of the original, allowing for multilingual versions of the same webpage without needing to make changes to the original. The tool also allows our translation teams to see their translations updated within the website in real-time, ensuring that the translations fit within the layout and graphical context of the site. The translation proxy tool has completely transformed Global Arena’s ability to translate and localize websites.

Global Arena custom designs language & intercultural training services for a broad range of clients which are comprised of Fortune 500 companies and multinational conglomerates. Global Arena applies leading industry tools to expand and exist in new markets internationally. Another tool used is Global Arena’s Training Business Manager (TBM). The TBM tool gives end-users 24/7 access to ample information regarding their language & intercultural training programs. Global Arena’s end users, clients, employees, and students all over the globe can check and keep track of key information. Clients are able to track their employee’s progress, attendance, and feedback regarding training programs. Students can check for their teacher or consultant’s information, check for scheduling changes, and communicate with their assigned Project Manager. Global Arena’s clients around the world, in various time zones, in rural or metropolitan areas, can have immediate access to crucial information with ease.
Global Arena cherishes its iconic home city of Philadelphia even though the company has expanded and added 5 offices in the Mid-Atlantic, the Pacific Northwest, New England, and Europe. Being settled in Philadelphia allows the company to tap into the vein of innovation that is granted to companies that exist in the 2nd largest city on the East Coast. Global Arena has secured its place in the city as one of the primary language services provider. If you are ever in the City of Brotherly Love, stop by Global Arena!

Global Arena

100 South Broad St
Suite 1400
Philadelphia, PA 19110

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