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Making Things Fly-GKN Aerospace is the leading global tier 1 aerospace supplier. We help aircraft fly faster, further and greener.

GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading technology supplier to the aerospace industry. As a truly global company with plants across the world, GKN Aerospace serves all of today’s leading aircraft and engine manufacturers. We design, develop and manufacture innovative smart aerospace systems and components.

Our technologies are used in aircraft ranging from the most used single aisle aircraft and the largest passenger planes in the world to business jets and the world’s most advanced 5th generation fighter aircraft. Everyday, around the world, we help aircraft fly further, faster and greener – improving the safety, performance and efficiency of more than 100,000 flights every day.

Our technology is enhancing aircraft performance – improving aerodynamics, reducing weight, increasing fuel burn efficiency and lowering emissions. Lightweight composites, additive manufacturing technology, innovative engine structures, wiring systems to drive
electrification and smart transparencies all help our customers to improve sustainability – shaping the future of flight.

When 250 years of industrial leadership joins 100 years of aviation pioneering and smart engine technology you get GKN Aerospace. Forged in the fires of the industrial revolution, GKN started life as an ironworks in South Wales. Through centuries of innovation and reinvention GKN has played its part in the birth of rail, the invention of the car, the development of flight and man’s adventures in space.

GKN’s first foray into aerospace came with production of the spitfire aircraft during the Second World War at its factory in the West Midlands. For more than 40 years GKN Aerospace has had facilities in the South West serving both civil and defence customers. Our Bristol site has been at the forefront of aviation for over 100 years, and today is the home to our largest UK production plant and the centre of advanced research programmes.

Bristol provides a world class aerospace ecosystem, bringing together superb Higher Education and Research Institutes, new disruptive companies as well as global businesses such as GKN Aerospace. This makes Bristol a natural home for large scale production and advanced research.

Today we employ more than 1500 people in the Bristol area across two manufacturing sites, where we manufacture large composite structures and machine complex metal components for aircraft such as the Airbus A320 and A350 and Lockheed Martin’s F35.

In 2021 GKN Aerospace will open its Global Technology Centre in Bristol, bringing together multiple advanced research programmes under one roof where we can work with partners from across the world. This £32m investment will help keep GKN Aerospace at the forefront of research and innovation for decades to come.

Climate change is the single greatest challenge the world and our industry faces. At GKN Aerospace we want people to be able to benefit from the tremendous opportunities that air travel brings, but do so sustainably.
The Global Technology Centre will house collaborative research and innovation projects to radically decarbonise air travel, through the use of new lightweight materials, improved aerodynamics and alternative noncarbon power sources. It is through this innovation and industrialisation that we can make sustainable air travel a reality, with our world-class manufacturing facilities in Bristol at the heart of greener air travel of the future.


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