Gilbert Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber Serves As a Catalyst For Growth Within The Local Business Community.




From a sleepy little farm town to one of the fast-growing communities in the nation, Gilbert continues to be a leader in innovation while maintaining that small town feel that draws citizens and businesses of all sizes.

It’s been a long journey built upon strong planning principals, commitment, and vision. The redevelopment of the Heritage District has turned our downtown lifestyle into the envy of the Valley; this didn’t happen overnight, in fact it has been dubbed as “our 30-year overnight success story.”


Perspective on Innovation

It’s been such an honor to serve as the President/CEO of the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce for more than 23 years as I was able to partake in the visioning and planning of what Gilbert could become. The Chamber has actively helped to shape the high standards for development throughout our community yet ensured we had flexibility for businesses to prosper.

When asked what my favorite project has been and one I am most proud of, I don’t have to think twice, it would be saving and developing the Water Tower and Park in the Heritage District. It is hard to believe we were just votes away from tearing the Water Tower down due to the money it would cost to remove the lead paint and many within the community thought it was a waste of tax payers dollars.

It took the vision, commitment, and dedication to fight for this project and through it all we knew it would be a catalyst for growth and prosperity within the Heritage District which wasn’t dying but was barely limping along.

The Water Tower is now the icon representing community, families, and a lifestyle unique to our Town. Those of us who were brave enough to stand strong for what we believed in really made a difference. We were able to share our vision and paint the landscape for a beautiful backdrop for the vibrant business community that came to fruition.

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce , Kathy Tilque -President / CEO

None of us can individually take the credit, it was a team effort of many, and I’m so proud to be part of that team. I smile every time I walk by the park and watch parents and grandparents with their children playing in the splash pad or just sitting in the grass together. It warms my heart when we take our grandchildren there and create memories for a lifetime.

Why Gilbert?

Gilbert is in the southeastern portion of the Phoenix Metropolitan Region. With more than 250,000 residents, one of the highest academic achievement rankings, second safest city in the nation, along with many other national rankings, we are the best community to start your business. Our family-oriented community is attractive for your employees and their families while providing all the amenities needed without having to leave Gilbert.

Gilbert Chamber of Commerce – Water Tower By Anthony Miles 2012

The Future of Innovation

Arizona is coming into its own as we attract more and more innovative businesses because of the business-friendly environment. Efforts to reduce tax liabilities, train employees, and reduce regulation will continue to move Arizona forward. Like those who came before us, Arizona still has that wild west entrepreneurial spirit within us that leads to innovative thinking and action.

Advice/Best Practices

Innovation isn’t always wrapped in a shiny new package; sometimes it takes years to see the rewards of your efforts. It starts with a vision, a well-thought out plan, and then the dedication and commitment to be strong in the face of opposition. Be that person to make a difference.

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