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Reality Through Complete Transparency.

GHST (pronounced “ghost”) Development creates software for fast moving companies that need technical expertise and don’t currently have it. We like to say that our partners are renting a CTO to be on their team.


Our team clarifies our partners business goals and converts them to user acquiring and revenue generating mobile and web apps. We move as fast as possible to bring the best product out to market. Since we often work with startups, moving fast isn’t a nice bonus – it’s a necessity. Having founded startups ourselves, we know how tough it is. Which is why we are partners with our clients, not just developers that are hired to create software.

A little more than a year ago, founders Siddha and Ryan noticed a large inefficiency in the way local software startups ran. Most companies would get software outsourced, and wouldn’t know what they were getting made for them until they actually got the software back.

Largely, the software would be buggy and not functional at best, so these companies would then look locally for better developers. Why not just develop software with fully transparent technical partners to begin with? Siddha and Ryan founded GHST Development to solve this exact problem.

GHST Development is a massive innovation enabler. The products that we create enable solutions to real problems that our client businesses arefixing. All the software we create enables our partners to succeed and grow their business, and in turn, create massive innovations in society.

At GHST Development, we also have innovated the process of being transparent with our clients. From the beginning, we provide them with not just software, but business consulting and sample work before we even start. We want our clients to be valued even before they become partners.

We do all of this because we want to work with companies that trust our vision, just like we trust theirs.
At GHST Development, we are most excited about growing our partners going forward. Having a diverse portfolio of portent business gives us a better idea of the current startup and business landscape as a whole, which helps our other clients in the future.

We want to build a community of companies who can reach out for technical and business expertise exactly when they need it. We want GHST Development to be the enabler of innovation for the world.


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