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Local Software Firm Provides Vital Pandemic Unemployment Assistance During COVID Pandemic

Nearly 30 Years of Innovation
Geographic Solutions, a Palm Harbor-based software development firm, specializes in the design of custom online solutions for workforce development, labor market information, and unemployment insurance agencies. Since inception, the company has launched over 170 websites that serve over 181 million job seekers and employers across 35 states — far surpassing any other vendor in the industry.

Geographic Solutions has a rich history of ‘firsts’ including the launch of the nation’s first labor market statistics website for public and government use. The company is also credited with developing the country’s first website designed specifically for career centers, which included tools to assist staff managing individuals benefiting from U.S. Department of Labor public assistance programs.

In 2013, Geographic Solutions developed the first modernized unemployment insurance (UI) solution, which combined elements of workforce and unemployment benefits into one website to promote proactive reemployment. The system presents individuals claiming benefits with labor market information, job search capabilities, and training opportunities – encouraging them to return to work and preserving millions in state trust funds. The system has been adapted by numerous states to meet their reemployment needs.

States Look to Geographic Solutions to Provide Assistance Not Traditionally Covered by State UI Programs
The COVID-19 pandemic caused the country to enter into a state of economic crisis as a record number of Americans filed first-time jobless claims. The biggest problem: unemployment systems were under-equipped to process Pandemic Unemployment Assistance claims – assistance not traditionally supported by state unemployment systems.

Geographic Solutions recognized the crucial need for state agencies to move quickly so that affected workers and business owners could access vital support resources and financial relief. The development timeframe for a new UI system can vary, but most deployments take upwards of two years.

In order to deploy in much less time, Geographic Solutions adapted its Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) module to handle the requirements of PUA. Geographic Solutions began adding PUA to their existing client base and developing standalone PUA systems for new clients.

PUA functionality first debuted in Louisiana eight days after the CARES Act passed. No other vendor was able to accomplish this task and maintain high levels of accuracy and timeliness of benefits paid. Following suit, PUA functionality was implemented for clients in Tennessee and Nebraska.

Following suit, Arizona, West Virginia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania requested standalone portals. Geographic Solutions also met the challenge of developing portals for Guam, Palau, and the Northern Marianas Islands – all of which lacked government-run unemployment programs. The sites were built using parameters based on common UI system architecture.

By April these systems were experiencing a never-before-seen influx of user traffic and almost all saw increases in users, site visits, and page views. Some systems experienced 10,000 concurrent users, peaking at almost 350,000 visits per day, and capturing over 31,500 claims in a single day – an increase of over 8,000% from the year prior.

These numbers were a drastic increase from user visits just months prior to the pandemic. Many UI sites, supported by other vendors, crashed under the upswings in traffic and system usage. Systems provided by Geographic Solutions did not experience outages or crashes.


From April through the end of 2020, Geographic Solutions distributed nearly $42 Billion in funds across all unemployment systems that they support. During that same timeframe, the company was also able to flag and detect over $10.7 Billion in fraudulent claim payments, greatly preventing the depletion of federal and state trust fund money for clients.

Recognized as Tampa Bay Tech’s Project of the Year for 2020
Geographic Solutions was awarded the 2020 Tech Project of the Year during the 17th Annual Tampa Bay Tech Awards. The virtual ceremony, honored individuals and organizations leading the way in the Tampa Bay tech industry,

The 2020 Tech Project of the Year Award recognized Geographic Solutions’ massive effort of successfully deploying PUA functionality for 10 clients during the timeframe from April to August – a record number of systems in a short period of time.

President Paul Toomey acknowledged the hard work and dedication of his team to rapidly adapt its software to process PUA, manage complex interfaces, install and balance massive new servers, staff a 24-hour tech support hub, and field claimant inquiries via live chat and social media.

Driving This Initiative with Local Talent
This feat was made possible through the tremendous efforts of the Geographic Solutions team. The sheer number of PUA systems that the team developed, launched, provided guidance for, and supported in the short time, is remarkable considering no development or support efforts were outsourced – and the company maintained its existing employee stack. Throughout the turbulence, Geographic Solutions withstood the first wave of mass unemployment and stands aptly prepared to support these individuals with labor exchange systems as they return to work.

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