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The company has gone well beyond its promise of delivering speakers and experts via live, interactive video to becoming a leader in live virtual engagement, events, and learning.

Since startup Geniecast launched in 2016, the company has gone well beyond its promise of delivering speakers and experts via live, interactive video to becoming a leader in live virtual engagement, events, and learning. Geniecast’s commitment to engineering conversations that lead to results has pushed them to innovate and dominate the space with cost-effective solutions for organizations and individuals around the globe.

Geniecast was founded by serial entrepreneur Keith Alper after his “Aha!” moment while producing an event for a notable business leadership conference in 2011. Tasked with bringing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to speak to the audience while under house arrest, Alper’s team sent a satellite truck to Assange, beaming him in virtually. While meeting organizers felt this may come off as a substitution, they were beside themselves when Alper’s solution became the talk of the event. Alper realized speakers didn’t have to be in the room to engage with an audience and, by utilizing technology, access to knowledge and inspiration could be globally democratized.

Flash forward to 2019, Geniecast is beaming Apple, Inc. co-founder Steve Wozniak from a studio near his home in Silicon Valley live to a stage in Macau, China. Utilizing their AR product, Augmented Placement in Real-Time (APiR, pronounced like “appear”), Woz was able to engage and converse with a room of thousands of global business leaders from halfway around the world.

By combining clever technology with a distinct human touch, Geniecast has helped global brands such as Sam’s Club, Macy’s, L’Oreal, and Express Scripts as well as countless organizations looking to add member value and extend the impact and learning throughout their globally dispersed memberships. Popular topics include technology and innovation, culture and organizational development, finance, personal development, health trends, and beyond.

Geniecast also boasts an impressive roster of experts, celebrities, and thought leaders (they call them Genies), available at the click of a button for virtual engagement. The Genie community reads like a who’s who of iconic figures such as Wayne Gretzky, Peter Diamandis, Steve Wozniak, Ambassador Andrew Young, Kim Scott, Patty McCord, and Grant Cardone.

Over the past three years, many things have changed, but one constant remains: Geniecast always strives to produce one-stop, full-service experiences via live, interactive engagement and business solutions. Geniecast services include:

  • l Packaged live programs for organizational solutions
  • l Virtual programming and platform support
  • l Virtual event sensations technology such as APiR
  • l Talent brokering

Geniecast’s culture of taking bold risks and embracing challenges that push the needle forward allows for a unified team of goal-focused individuals. This team is centered around a vision to initiate positive change in organizations and in people’s lives by making content and conversations accessible to everyone, and with one single objective: to transform the way the world connects people with ideas and inspiration.


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