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Our focus at Green Earth Medical Solutions (GEMS) is prevention, not treatment. We’re passionate about saving lives and, through hard work, determination, and worldclass
state-of-the-art technology, our dream has become a reality. That’s why we created PathO3Gen SolutionsTM.

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PathO3Gen Solutions™ Footwear Sanitizing Station (FSS), employs its patented Solestice 3/15 Technology™, utilizing UVC and Ozone (O3), to penetrate and destroy 99.9% of the capsid/outer wall and DNA of deadly pathogens before they can contaminate an area and spread. This is all done in as little as 4 seconds. The stations are designed to complement existing infection control protocols to reduce the microbial level of pathogens often associated with an increased risk for healthcare-associated infections. In addition to infection rate reductions, users of the footwear sanitizing station should experience improved hospital economics by reducing readmission rates, lowering the cost of care and reducing reimbursement penalties.
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“Patient, employee, and visitor safety is our top priority. Our team sees the benefit of new technologies like the PathO3Gen Solutions Footwear Sanitizing Stations. In consideration of partnering with Green Earth Medical Solutions, we will be able to establish new protocols to proactively prevent
infections that will benefit our patients, staff, and community.”
Debi Martoccio, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Florida Hospital Connerton
Our team of entrepreneurial minded professionals are humble, hungry and smart. Our offices are located on the 22nd floor of the 200 North Central Ave building in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. We love to hang out as a team either at a game, restaurant or listening to live music. We all have a passion to save lives and work hard every day to make that happen!

(Left to Right: Bob Mueller – VP/Sales & Marketing, Scott Beal – COO, Kelli Anderson – Executive Assistant, Dave Weber – Controller, Steve Humphries – Director of HR)

“As a former Hospital CEO, the safety of one’s life in your hospital is a BIG responsibility especially when 1 – 20 inpatients will contract a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). The addition of a footwear sanitizing station that addresses floors is a promising technology that is needed to complete an effective Infection Control Program. With the technology’s ability to kill the DNA of pathogens and not allow it to regenerate, this is a game changer!”
Celeste Wiggins, MBA – Healthcare Consultant

200 Central Ave. Suite 2200
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone: 727-300-1069
Email: [email protected]

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