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GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. (GCT) is Vancouver’s homegrown success story in marine container terminal operations and innovation. GCT is among the most advanced operators on the continent and boasts the largest semi-automated on-dock rail facility in North America. Shipping line customers and cargo owners benefit from easy access to major international trade routes and direct access to freeways and national railways.

With two terminals located in the Port of Vancouver, GCT Vanterm and GCT Deltaport, GCT Canada is the Gateway to the Asia Pacific.

Global Container Terminals – 115 Years on the BC Waterfront
GCT Canada and its predecessor companies have been operating for over 115 years on the BC Waterfront and over 50 years as a container terminal operator.

GCT has a century of experience to draw from, yet the company is more forward-looking than ever. From constantly upgrading processes and operations to completing expansion projects, GCT continually invests in the business to help customers and the Port of Vancouver
grow. GCT prides itself on being in sync with the evolving needs and expectations of the industry.

Innovation is a part of the company’s foundation, having evolved from a small general stevedore to one of Canada’s largest container terminal operators and one of BC’s largest companies and job creators. The company proudly operates GCT Deltaport – Canada’s flagship Container Terminal.

GCT is leveraging its experience to grow world-class terminals and maintain Vancouver’s position as a leading gateway to the Asia Pacific.

GCT’s newest state-of-the-art fully electric ship-to-shore cranes arriving at GCT Vanterm

GCT consistently invests in innovation, technology, people, and processes.
GCT led the establishment of a Truck Reservation System that streamlined operations, increased supply chain fluidity and reduced emissions. GCT was the first terminal operator in North America to voluntarily introduce this type of system in 2004, setting the industry
standard. The introduction of night gate operations in 2014 reduced traffic congestion and emissions and as a result, it removed nearly 1,000 trucks during peak daytime hours. This initiative was recognized with The Clean50 Top 15 Projects Award.

The company’s latest innovations focus on the densification of operations to increase capacity within the current terminal footprint. This allows for more volume, jobs, and services for customers while improving productivity.

Most recently, GCT completed a $160 million upgrade of its GCT Vanterm facility, which facilitates even larger vessels to call at the terminal. Upgrades included two new Ship-to-Shore Cranes, among the largest and most advanced along the west coast, featuring regenerative drives that put power back in the grid, a new NAVIS Terminal Operating System and further upgrades to more modern, efficient equipment.

The GCT Deltaport railyard expansion project, completed in 2020 with a private investment of over $300 million, created North America’s largest, most technologically advanced facility right here in Delta, BC. The modern, semi-automated cranes, efficient track configuration and remote operating center equip the Terminal to handle cargo surges easily and reduce equipment travel time.

These technological advancements have further increased the safety of the operation. The project received an international TT Innovation in Safety award for its removal of worker and machinery interaction. The fully electrified operation also decreases noise, emissions, and light pollution. Built right here in Vancouver using custom technology and digital twinning – GCT Deltaport is breaking records for rail service and is renowned for its successful implementation of a cutting-edge project within an existing footprint.

Deltaport Rail Yard

Innovation is pushing results in environmental performance
As a leader in the shipping industry, GCT is making sustainability a priority through its Global Commitment Program and dedication to the environment, safety, and community.

In 2014, GCT joined Green Marine, an environmental certification program for the North American Marine Industry. GCT maintains its Climate Smart certification and has continually reduced absolute and per TEU emissions. As of 2022, GCT Canada has reduced absolute emissions by 10% from its 2014 baseline while the volumes have increased.

In Delta, we continue to leverage our experience as a world-class Marine Terminal Operator to responsibly expand.

The GCT Deltaport Fourth Berth Expansion project is market-driven, environmentally sensitive and incremental growth approach..

The GCT Deltaport Fourth Berth Expansion project is market-driven, environmentally sensitive, and follows an incremental growth approach. With an investment of over $1.6 billion in private capital, the project allows for further innovation, improved performance, and environmental sustainability, thereby ensuring the competitiveness of container services in the Port of Vancouver.

Learn more at globalterminalscanada.com/ projectupdates/dp4/

“We custom-engineered the first semi-automated on-dock rail operation in North America here in Vancouver. This innovation is providing unmatched capacity and safety improvements at GCT Deltaport – increasing the competitiveness of the gateway, while maintaining our commitment to incremental and environmentally responsible growth.” Eric Waltz, President, GCT Canada

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