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Global Connections Kenya (GCK) has dedicated the last 14 years to giving high school students in New Jersey the opportunity to cultivate international relationships and promote educational diplomacy by giving them a unique Kenya Experience in community service, cultural exchange, tourism, and education.

What began as a classroom discussion on the malaria epidemic in Kenya quickly became a realized vision of transforming Kenyan communities through the creation of the nonprofit Hopewell-Keroka Alliance (HKA). HKA has raised funds for numerous community initiatives and rallied volunteers to perform the work.

Since 2005 HKA has helped with electricity supply, water tanks, water boreholes, emergency access road paving, equipment and supplies for two health care centers, books, uniforms, supplies, and desks for schools, and many other projects.


Since 2007 GCK has invested in giving young adults meaningful experiences outside their own neighborhoods. Past participants have said the program changed their life, prepared them for college, and opened their eyes to a world they never thought twice about. The connections made are so impactful that students who experienced the trip in high school have returned in adulthood to volunteer as a trip mentor.

Kenya 2020 will focus on opening the Global Connections Center in Nyanchonori, which will be a tremendous resource for distance learning and workforce preparedness. It will also be a home base for future cultural exchange program participants starting in 2021.

GCK offers both luxury and standard itineraries filled with a wide variety of activities including wildlife safari and endangered species experiences, golfing, mountain climbing, water sports, beach resorts, and more. Kenya is a robust landscape that has something for every kind of traveler.

GCK is more than travel. Our Women’s Empowerment Program partnership with Seeds to Sew International provides training and jobs for women, and school uniforms for children. Additionally, our alliance with The Co-operative University of Kenya will create countless higher education opportunities for women throughout the region.

We connect communities.
We educate minds.
We transform lives.

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