GCBT- A New Chapter In Canadian Biopharmaceuticals



Founded in 2014, GC Biotherapeutics Inc. (GCBT) has been established as GC’s North American Headquarters and the strategic foothold to implement the company’s vision of being a global leader in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, the formation of GCBT is in response to Canada’s underlying necessity for a local plasma protein producer to improve and sustain the standards of bio-manufacturing self-sufficiency, and to mitigate the country’s sole dependency on imports.

With an overall investment of over $400 million, representing the largest greenfield investment in the Canadian biopharmaceutical sector over the last decade, GCBT completed the installation of a state-of-the-art plasma fractionation facility in Montreal’s Technoparc. This facility is fully integrated which incorporates cutting-edge custom-designed equipment, transfer of process technologies from a fully-operational facility in South Korea and compliant with U.S and Canadian good manufacturing practices (cGMP).

GCBT is committed to being Canada’s dedicated local biopharmaceutical partner and plasma fractionator. Contributing to the security necessary for a stable supply of high-quality plasma protein products, first serving the Canadian demand, then further exporting commercial plasma protein products and other bioproducts to the U.S., Europe, and Asian markets. GCBT is turning the page to a new chapter in the history of Canadian Biopharmaceuticals.

What are Plasma Protein Products?Plasma protein products are essential therapeutic medicines manufactured by extracting targeted protein content from a source of human plasma. Human plasma, a scarce raw material only collected through human donors, is the largest component of blood and concurrently hosts vital proteins such as, but not limited to, immunoglobulins, albumin, and coagulant factors. By means of innovative biotechnological manufacturing processes, these proteins are extracted from plasma – termed “fractionation” and meticulously refined – termed “purification” to a commercially viable form, making plasma protein products available for medical treatments, namely in the practices of immunology, neurology and hematology.

Canadian Plasma Protein Market
Canada has one of the highest per capita consumption of immunoglobulins – a key therapeutic solution for the treatment of patients with infectious and immune diseases, and the main driver of the global plasma protein demand. The source of human plasma for the manufacture of immunoglobulins, used in Canada, is collected or imported from Canadians and Americans respectively. Post-collection, this plasma is transported to fractionation facilities in the U.S or Europe to be processed and returned to Canada. Presently, the Canadian market is entirely dependent on imports for its plasma protein product supply.

GC – Devotion to healthy lives of people
Since 1967, GC has been safeguarding the public health of South Korea driven by its mission and sustained by its focus to generate vital healthcare solutions. In 1971, GC pioneered the production of human plasma-derived proteins in South Korea and was the sixth in the world to establish a biotech facility, capable of performing intricate-processes of plasma fractionation. With the establishment of the O’Chang site – the single-largest plant capacity in Asia and GCBT in Montreal, GC currently maintains the world’s fifth-largest plasma processing capacity.

GC has acquired unparalleled expertise in plasma fractionation and continues to research and develop safer and ever more effective next-generation products. Based on its innovative platform for immunity products and protein engineering, reinforced by its core business in biomanufacturing, GC is taking proactive approaches to tackle difficult challenges in the world’s major markets by locating key business support functions in North America and China for a global infrastructure. GC’s vision is to evolve into a global leader, leading the future of the world’s healthcare industry.

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