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An Advanced Battery Technology Company, Revolutionizing How Batteries Are Charged

Operating at the intersection of artificial intelligence, electrochemistry, signal processing, and high-power electronics, we are pioneering an alternative way to charge lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Our charging method uses adaptive pulses instead of the conventional charging protocol – CCCV – used as the standard Li-ion charging method. Our technology enables ultra-fast charge without compromising the health of the battery.

How GBatteries is disrupting the charging process

The demand for better batteries that can charge faster, live longer, and cost less, has never been higher. While most solutions have focused on creating or modifying the underlying chemistry and materials of batteries, we are focused on optimizing their charging process.

Our approach works with unaltered, off-the-shelf Li-ion batteries produced by the world’s top battery manufacturers. We are simply charging the batteries differently. The technology consists of two parts: 1) our proprietary algorithms, designed to generate unique charge pulse profiles; and 2) novel hardware that delivers the precise pulses at high frequency.

By monitoring the battery in real time and adapting to the ever-changing conditions internally, charging is optimized based on battery response signatures as they occur. This results in a drastic reduction of irreversible chemical reactions, while also minimizing battery cell temperature rise. This process allows for ultra-fast charging without reducing the lifespan of the battery. In fact, in many cases, our technology increases the usable life of the battery.

When fast charge isn’t actually fast

Most batteries can be charged fast, but the quicker a battery is charged, the faster it degrades. To avoid irreversible damage, manufacturers limit the charging rate of the batteries. Although fast charging solutions are available for a wide range of devices, they can still take upwards of an hour.

Additionally, due to the potential damage fast charging causes, these methods are not recommended for everyday use. With our technology we’ve demonstrated charging off-the-shelf batteries to 50% capacity in five minutes and 100% capacity in approximately 10 minutes. That’s true fast charge!

Everything from our personal vehicles to aircrafts are transitioning to fully electric. In the coming decades, there will be millions of used electric vehicle batteries available for less demanding energy storage applications. Before electric vehicle batteries can be used for second life applications, their state-of-health needs to be safely and accurately determined.

GBatteries’ proprietary methodology allows for fast and accurate measurement of the state-of-health of the battery. This process will extend the lifespan of batteries that would otherwise have been disposed of.


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