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Combining Technology And Data Software

In a world where everyone uses technology for social engineering how do you innovate? You go old school.

Gather found a niche helping candidates and political groups get on the ballot. Combining technology and data software with good ol’ fashioned door to door interaction.

In 2012 Tanner Leatham, the founder of Gather, worked on a presidential campaign. Being very low on the seniority food chain he realized that campaigns were lacking quality face to face interaction.

Prior to working on the presidential campaign Tanner did door to door sales for five (5) years all over the country. An opportunity arose to bring many contacts from the door to door industry to Ohio to volunteer for a presidential campaign. The efforts of the experienced door to door team who volunteered were extremely successful in helping people in a very important swing state become registered to vote.

A lightbulb was sparked to take the experience of the door to door sales industry and bring them into the political atmosphere.

Gather was born.

Gather has helped over 100 campaigns get on the ballot and has collected over 1,000,000 signatures since its start in 2014.

Gather Signatures

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