Supporting Companies to Build a Fairer Future - Gapsquare through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Innovation is more important than ever. Supporting employees and ensuring that they feel valued, too, has been essential for companies throughout the pandemic. The two things are tied; nurturing an inclusive and compassionate working environment means that employees can thrive. And that’s where Gapsquare comes in.

Gapsquare specialise in people analytics for inclusive employers. Through advanced analytics software, expert consultancy and research services, we support companies across the globe to build inclusive workplaces which benefit all types of employees. Everything from fair pay analytics to helping shape diversity and inclusion strategy falls within our remit. We are intelligently building a world where work is inclusive, where pay meets value and diverse talent thrives.

We are based (in our home offices!) in Bristol and work globally to support our clients to build equality and diversity into everything they do. The networks we have made in Bristol – and the clients, mentors and peers we have met here, form a closeknit community we are incredibly proud of. It is through incredible, inspired communities like ours here in Bristol that we’re able to change the world.

It goes without saying that Covid-19 has changed the way we work beyond comprehension: Remote work; Increased reliability on technology; Balancing home-schooling and work; Furlough, flexi-furlough; Change handling; mass redundancy and unemployment. We’re looking at a completely reimaged future of work.

We also now all know how the pandemic has exacerbated inequalities, not only in terms of health impacts. Around 133,000 more women than men were furloughed in the first wave of coronavirus in the UK, according to the Women’s Budget Group. The sector-specific impact of Covid-19 measures, disproportionately impacting those working in hospitality, retail and wholesale for example, has meant redundancies impact those clustered in certain roles – namely women and People of Colour. These inequality booms cannot be carried through into post-Covid future of work.

It’s important to look at this and the recovery period as an opportunity for growth, reimagination and innovation – without leaving any demographics behind. Luckily, our incredible roster of clients (from the London Met Police to Accenture), are just as committed to creating positive change as we are, and we’re excited to continue innovating and building fairer workplaces into the future.

We at Gapsquare have pushed our innovative ideas to new levels this year, expanding into areas we wouldn’t have otherwise and amplifying the reach of our work. We’re offering consultancy for employers to build flexible working policies into the future. We’re also helping support working parents and carers, and have broadened our offering of support to include changes to business function, now and going forward.

At the beginning of the pandemic, people spoke a lot of ‘Pivoting’, but at Gapsquare, we’ve seen this period more as a time of revelation of what we already knew. The weaknesses and vulnerabilities of our economy and how we work, have never been more apparent. In being more apparent, they have become impossible to ignore, and investing in fixing them has become a no brainer. It’s for this reason that we believe that the world is ripe for change, and changemakers, like our team, and like many people in this book, are in the right place to make it happen.

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