Reimagining Content Sharing To Make Monetization Better For Everyone

This is the story about a company with such potential, it could become a top 10 startup. A bold claim? sure! backed by facts? Stay tuned. It has adventure, love, death and much, much more. It’s the story about a company with a concept so innovative, its creator accurately predicted trends in technologies for over a decade, including cryptocurrency, Blockchain, online sponsorships, influencer marketplaces and more.

The company is really a full ecosystem disguised as a social media platform, that has a new approach to monetize ads, content and e-commerce. People take time to adapt to new concepts. So it was pitched as a content network where creators can monetize their work to be more profitable and companies can advertise in seconds and produce higher sales conversions than top tech companies like Facebook, YouTube and Shopify. Why? While its core value isn’t simply that it gets rid of ALL friction when it comes to buying something online, it’s what calls people the most attention. See, social media and content rule the internet. Even Bill Gates said “Content is King” As a species we’re drawn to socialize and consume content for different reasons. More importantly, to not be left behind. But underneath it all lies a secret no one has untapped yet. A secret so powerful, Galaxis could become the biggest platform on earth and this is why. People would rely on it for economical and growth reasons. It offers the unique opportunity to make money in countless ways from an online ecosystem called Galaxis. You can transform any company into Galaxis, like a .com, but within a social network. It replaces storefronts, e-commerce stores, offices or .coms. Some say, if Galaxis was operational during COVID, today it would have taken the level of success Zoom got.

In 2010 Max was sharing with his hobby country men online. Drifting. It was so new, he thought he shared his newly created content with people, so they become aware of it. He learned there was 1 famous person doing this, and he quickly began talking with him. This led to becoming fully sponsored by this person who would then take Max into the adventure of a lifetime filled with discovery & experiences that only come once in a lifetime. A story that changed his life forever. He became a professional drifter. As such, he traveled across the country going to shows with his newly found crew led by Alejandro, a millionaire entrepreneur. He was an influencer of high caliber and had all the qualities of a Hollywood star. He took Max on a “magic carpet ride” of unforgettable experiences throughout an unknown land to Max that was in his own backyard. Argentina is known for many things. Travel is also one of them as it beholds all kinds of settings to produce a variety of movies and videogames that range from
medieval times to cyberpunk futures.

While spending time with Alejandro, Max learned a lot. He was exposed to elements not many people get to experience. Above all, Max was drawn to a successful entrepreneur’s life.

As Max arrived in Argentina, he met a beautiful girl on the first day. He had liked this girl for years as he had been pursuing her from a previous trip. A month into the most heartfelt time of his life and an unforgettable first kiss, the girl broke his heart. For his heartache, he walked and walked through many scenarios thinking for days. He noticed happy couples.

He realized he wanted to have a family. He realized he hadn’t prepared himself for a serious relationship and as a 28-year-old man, he was late to the party. He couldn’t get that in his current state. He needed a clear goal in life. He needed economic stability. So he set his mind to it. Shortly after the breakup, in Alejandro’s apartment, he woke up one night at 3:30 AM with a vision that would change his life forever. He realized an untapped potential of internet monetization. He would continue to do research. Find a developing team to help him produce his vision online. He met with them. They loved it. Then asked for money. Without money, no one would do anything, despite its potential. He was determined to get the funding. In 2011 He traveled back to the USA in search of funding. His mother had moved from Maryland to Florida and married for the first time in her life. During this time, he was in Argentina, so he witnessed it through skype. Shortly after, flew back to the USA, he landed in Sarasota, he tried getting jobs and it was really tough. After some time a friend of his mom funded his trip to VA, where he would be working for Amazon. But fate wouldn’t have it. He got himself in a pickle. A nightmare landlord, a van with real bullet holes and ultimately collapsed in the DC Metro, where he would be taken to the hospital after a near-death experience.

Went back to Florida, he began networking and working his way to building a startup. In 2018 his longtime friend, Sebastian, gave him money to get things going. He registered the company, found a great adviser, and found a team. In 2020 a group of developers took interest and interested $100k into the project. They put together the most amazing website and made a demo to walk investors through it. The platform was done, but fate wouldn’t have it. There wasn’t enough money to plug the website on the internet.

Max realized he needed to learn to sell. Having an idea wouldn’t be interesting to any professional investor, so he learned sales. He was successful in pitching to investors. Years passed. Life kept getting away. His lifelong dream of having a family with that girl became more and more distant. The day Facebook fell in Oct 2021, over 100 million people fled to other platforms. Another missed opportunity. Max hopes investors will gain confidence and invest money in early-stage startups instead of letting instead of letting money sit and depreciate.


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