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Gainesville Prosthetics is a locally owned patient care clinic that cares for the needs of those in the community who have experienced limb loss or have limb differences. The company also provides custom orthotic devices for those with complex orthopedic impairments. The practice shares a common location and ownership with OPIE Software and was founded by Paul E. Prusakowski, Certified Prosthetist Orthotist (CPO) in 1999.

Caring for the Community

Every person who comes to Gainesville Prosthetics has unique needs, personal goals, and physical challenges. The Gainesville Prosthetics team is committed to enhancing rehabilitative care in our community through education and partnership with each patient, physician, therapist or allied health care provider. Together, we transform the lives of our patients and the health of our community.

Shaping a global profession with OPIE Software

Gainesville Prosthetics is the clinical testing ground and inspiration for OPIE Software. The software company was founded in 1995 to serve the Orthotics & Prosthetics profession globally. OPIE is a practice management software that supports the comprehensive business needs of a modern O&P practice. The clinic tests new business and care delivery models, shaping future advances in the software by providing valuable real world guidance daily. New data informed decision making processes for better clinical and business outcomes are being developed at Gainesville Prosthetics, and then shared with thousands of other software users around the world. We truly are changing the world in Gainesville!

A teacA teaching and learning envirhing and learning environmentonment

Since its inception, Gainesville Prosthetics serves as a teaching and learning environment for a variety people. Medical students and residents in training, recent graduates of orthotics & prosthetics training programs, mechanical and biomechanical engineers, business analysts, and individuals with an interest in future careers in prosthetics have all participated in the evolution of this practice.

Clinical Innovation

Advances in prosthetics technologies constantly provide new opportunities for those who rely on them to live their daily lives. From high tech to low tech, we focus on what is right for each patient individually and create custom solutions for each and every person.

Gainesville Prosthetics

(352) 331-4221
3870 NW 83rd St
Gainesville, FL 32606

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