> Gainesville Health & Fitness (GHF)

Operates with over four decades of experience and expertise in fitness

Be known as one of the best companies for the world.

Create an experience that helps people get the most out of life and inspires them to become their best.

To inspire an entire community.

Founded in 1978 with owner Joe Cirulli as the visionary leader, Gainesville Health & Fitness (GHF) operates with over four decades of experience and expertise in fitness. They are proud to be considered Gainesville’s premier fitness company with 450 employees, three locations, and two onsite ReQuest Physical Therapy clinics.

For the last 40 years, Gainesville Health & Fitness was built on the foundation of helping the person who is brand new to exercise, those that don’t have a clue about how to get in shape. Everything they do is designed to make everyone feel comfortable and get results on their way to making exercise a permanent component of their life. It’s evident in the layout of the facilities, the classes they offer, the programs they create, the locations they build, including one just for women, and the staff they hire.

GHF is the largest, most innovative fitness facility in Gainesville—with more classes, more choices and more variety and the most advanced programs in the entire US. Boutique services, Personal Training, TRIBE Team Training, Pilates, CrossFit, X-Force Body, and Recover & Restore (R&R), make it convenient for members to specialize their fitness at GHF

They have revolutionized the fitness industry with a customer experience that is culture-driven and designed to help others unleash their fullest potential. They want to create an experience that helps people get the most out of life and inspires them to become their best.

Their success is attributed to their culture and standards of excellence, supported by passionate employees.

Every department has people who work their hardest, demonstrate integrity, have an extraordinary commitment to helping people and believe they create their own future.

They have a focus on the importance of employee and leadership development. It’s a part of their culture and is vital to the success of their clubs. All of their employees have a clear understanding that success is not a destination, but instead a journey. They know they need to continuously seek improvement in themselves individually, and as a whole.

As a result, they have become recognized nationally and internationally. Among the several other awards, GHF was named one of Forbes Magazine’s “25 Best Small Companies in America” in 2016. They also rank globally in the top percentile for sales, management and community service.

While they are proud of their success, their commitment is to Gainesville and helping make this community a vibrant, cool, healthy place to live, work, and play. They choose to devote all of their resources, staff, and innovation to Gainesville instead of taking those assets elsewhere.

They live here, they work here, they contribute here, they thrive here.

Gainesville Health & Fitness

(352) 377-4955
4820 W Newberry Road
Gainesville, FL 32607

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