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Access To A High-Paying Coding Job Anywhere In The World

Access to a high-paying coding job anywhere in the world is just a keystroke away, and the Gainesville Dev Academy is empowering Gainesville’s workforce with skills to both compete globally and dominate locally.
“IT jobs will grow by 22 percent through 2020. Currently, there are half a million tech jobs in the U.S. awaiting fulfillment, and as part of President Obama’s TechHire initiative, we look to fill those gaps by providing superior training,” said Duncan Kabinu, co-founder of the Gainesville Dev Academy.

The Academy is the brainchild of Kabinu and other Gainesville entrepreneurs, who are all leaders in the area’s tech sector. It specializes in helping developers become better at making world-class web, mobile and desktop applications. In turn, area tech companies that need top-notch programmers will benefit from having a more robust workforce to choose from instead of having to search for talent outside of Gainesville.

“We’re excited to provide the level of immersive developer education needed to Gainesville residents who are pursuing careers as web or mobile developers on the global stage but want to remain in the region.”

Students at Gainesville Dev Academy learn what it takes to build entire applications on multiple platforms and are taught real-world developer skills that they can immediately put to use in their careers. However, the education goes beyond teaching students how to program; at the Academy, students are also taught to think like experts and to seek answers to tough questions.

“There’s a difference between knowing how to code and being able to produce the types of applications that are so highly sought in today’s market,” Kabinu said. “Our training is focused on helping you become a great developer, not just someone who understands the basic lingo.”

Additionally, the Academy offers graduating students free job placement assistance services through over 20 local tech companies.

The Academy has partnerships with Santa Fe College and the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Council for Economic Outreach, regional workforce board and many others.

Gainesville Dev Academy

7525 NW 4th Boulevard
Gainesville, FL 32608

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