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That is what Technology Alberta does, and by saving their valuable time, we help Tech Entrepreneurs do more – faster, better and have more fun than when they go it alone. We know that tech entrepreneurs are on a race against time: as an innovator they need their product to be the first on the market – which means they need to find the right customers, the right talent and the right resources. And at the same time, there is comfort and support in community – the value in knowing that you are not alone, you can learn from others, and they want to share your journey.

How does Technology Alberta save entrepreneurs time? We are a tech-industry-business-association – focussed on supporting the growth of Alberta’s emerging technology companies. Our combined strength starts by drawing from our cross-Alberta Board of experienced tech entrepreneurs, innovation ecosystem champions, and community builders. Our committed staff are led and advised by experienced Alberta entrepreneurs, and a connected, collaborative community of innovation champions across industry, government, and academia – all focused on one thing, to make Alberta tech entrepreneurs successful.

Technology Alberta provides forums where tech entrepreneurs gather – “companies help companies” by informal peer mentoring, providing advice on what has worked for them, in a manner which is timely and locally-relevant. These welcoming forums are often held at innovation facilities and attract government funders and ecosystem providers that are interested in supporting tech entrepreneurs – and understand that any support must be delivered in a timely basis, and valued by entrepreneurs.

Through Technology Alberta’s collaborative entrepreneur support teams – our networks and programs are part of advisories to Alberta post secondaries, creating a connected community – one that understands the needs of tech employers, and the agile manner of service required.

The result is the key to this all – our total-systems-and entrepreneurcentric approach, where it is understood that it takes a community to support tech entrepreneurs – and this community is a provincial village, a connected and supportive innovation ecosystem. Industry, government, academia – we all have a role to play to un-lock the scale-up potential of our tech entrepreneurs. Alberta has outstanding tech ecosystem leaders, partners and support systems – and Technology Alberta is pleased to be a collaborative partner and industry association that helps entrepreneurs realize the opportunities for growth, communicating through the perspective of the entrepreneur.

With good communications and advice – entrepreneurs do not waste their time, do not miss these opportunities, and don’t lose their market window. Successful tech entrepreneurs are key to growing and diversifying Alberta’s economy – and benefit our students with good jobs, our post-secondaries with valuable collaborations, and builds a better future for all.

This is why “We Love Alberta Tech” – and yes, we do have the T-Shirt.

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