Futura Mobility is a leading provider of Healthcare Mobility Products and Services, servicing 1 in 3 hospitals nationwide. With headquarters in Philadelphia and offices and field representatives around the country, Futura provides procurement, deployment and support services in support of healthcare mobility initiatives big and small.

We take our responsibility to deliver healthcare technology at the point of care very seriously.
Even before the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) incentivized hospitals to go electronic with their medical records, Futura was helping hospitals achieve their goals of getting more facetime with patients and improving the quality of care. This includes equipping hospitals and clinicians with the latest technology to document encounters, administer medication, and gauge the overall patient experience. On a recent visit to my local hospital (the same hospital where my two daughters were born), I saw first-hand how the technology we provide was being used to help doctors and nurses care for my mother-in-law. Now that most every hospital in the country has implemented an Electronic Health Record system (or EHR), we are focused on helping these same organizations leverage new technology to innovate in and outside of the hospital. Our consulting services division provides business and clinical application services to help hospitals ensure continued adoption and ROI attainment on their original investments.

Futura also provides secure communication software running on Smartphones to allow care teams to collaborate with patients and each other while maintaining privacy protocols.

The next frontier in innovation in Healthcare is mobile and virtual.
Inside the four walls of hospitals, smartphones are replacing mobile carts and providing ways for clinicians to spend even more time at the bedside. Tablets are allowing patients to feel more in control and be more educated during their stays. Futura is helping on both of these fronts by providing full solutions that include strategies for deployment, charging, and disinfection. We have even developed wound care software running on Smartphones that streamlines the often manual process of documenting with cameras and paper forms.
Outside the four walls, we are providing health systems with telemedicine technology that leverages video-conferencing combined with clinical tools to provide care. Now, patients can be seen by specialists virtually, providing expert care previously only available to the larger, urban institutions. If your loved one experiences a stroke, this technology in the Emergency Room connects them with neurologists (no matter how far away they may be) and literally can save their life.

Eric Nolan – President, Futura Mobility

Futura also provides secure communication software running on Smartphones to allow care teams to collaborate with patients and each other while maintaining privacy protocols. This software allows systems to converge many different separate functions onto one device. For people suffering from one or more chronic diseases like congestive heart failure (CHF) or diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Futura provides software and technology to allow patients to be connected to their care teams, enhancing their quality of life by monitoring their health daily and intervening before conditions worsen.
Long-term, we will continue to innovate with new technology to improve outcomes and save lives.

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