Fusion Are Now Leading A Consortium On The World's Most Complex And Ambitious Autonomous Bus Pilot; CAVFORTH

Who are Fusion Processing?
Bristol based Fusion Processing design and build world leading Autonomous Driving systems and develop smart technology to improve vehicle safety. Fusion are innovators in public transport with their CAVstar® control and sensing system utilised in a range of automated vehicles, from full sized buses, to last mile pods.

If fact two of the UK’s largest bus operators selected Fusion Processing to autonomise their vehicles and Fusion are now leading a consortium on the world’s most complex and ambitious autonomous bus pilot; CAVForth.

Fusion Processing don’t just do autonomous vehicles. Some of the clever Artificial Intelligence technology is applied to smart sensors which can revolutionise how smart cities of the future operate. Smart Cities rely on data to phase traffic lights to reduce congestion, which in turn cuts vehicle emissions. Fusion’s TrafficTrack systems can monitor multiple flows of traffic and identify various types of traffic as it passes. It can even be used to trigger smart signs when cyclists of motorcyclists are approaching
busy junctions.

We use our deep theoretical knowledge, coupled with practical know-how and experience to create highly advanced products that are both effective and robust. And our carefully chosen network of supply chain partners ensures our high-quality products can be delivered in volume to customers required standards, whilst our experience working with large vehicle manufacturers ensures we can integrate seamlessly with their product development processes.

Fusion’s engineers are also working on a number of innovative autonomous vehicle projects for industrial and military clients. Follow our Twitter feed for the very latest developments: twitter.com/ fusionproc

Did you know?
Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) are expected to prevent 25,000 serious accidents and save 2,500 lives over the next 10 years.

The CAV industry is also projected to create 25,000 new jobs in the automotive sector and as many as 320,000 more in supporting sectors, like programming.

CAVs are also expected to be far more fuel efficient, be they powered electric or internal combustion engines. Estimates range from 7 – 20% which is considerable over the life of a vehicle.

The CAV industry is expected to add £51 billion pounds to the UK economy each year (2014 – 2030)

Autonomous Buses
Fusion Processing are leading a consortium to deliver CAVForth, a three year project culminating with a six-month pilot that will see a fleet of five AV Level 4 autonomous buses operating a scheduled service along a 30-mile route between Edinburgh and Fife, across the Forth Road Bridge. Whilst the buses will have a safety driver onboard, they won’t be expected to touch the controls. Fusion’s Artificial Intelligence, CAVstar, will have full control of the vehicle.

We’re working closely with; Stagecoach Group, Alexander Dennis, Transport Scotland, Napier University and the Bristol Robotics Lab and are on track for the first test runs later this year.

When CAVForth starts in carrying members of the public in 2021, Edinburgh will see the greatest number of autonomous journeys being made anywhere on the planet, with up to 10,000 passengers using the scheduled service each week.

As part of the CAVForth Project the partners are also putting together a comprehensive safety case which includes the key domains: Autonomous Drive System, Vehicle, Infrastructure and Operation. The safety case takes account of the relevant standards including ISO26262 Functional Safety, whilst also covering the latest developments in cyber security and emerging standards relating to autonomous vehicles.

Vehicle Safety
Fusion do far more than just autonomous vehicles, we apply our know how and smart tech to vehicle safety where it is saving lives and protecting vulnerable road users.
Our vehicle safety tech includes a product called CycleEye which uses radar and optical cameras to detect cyclists alongside the vehicle. When fitted to buses and heavy good vehicles, CycleEye alerts the driver to cyclists moving alongside the vehicle and into the ‘blind spot’ to prevent collisions.

An evolution of this technology sees the CycleEye CMS (Camera Mirror System) replace the cumbersome wing mirrors and bringing the very latest Advanced Driver Assistance System to the market. In addition to the collision avoidance function provided by the standard unit, the new unit combines high definition cameras covering a full field of view usually seen by the mirrors to provide a live feed to displays mounted to the inside of the windshield.

An optional forward looking detection unit, complete with Fusion’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms, can be added to enhance detection of vulnerable road users in front of the vehicle too, providing all round collision prevention. This exciting new product will be tested with bus operators in the coming months.

If you’d like to find out how we can autonomise your vehicles or provide smart sensors for Smart Cities, please get in touch [email protected]


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