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Delivering Warfighter Capabilities With User-focused Engineering And Design

Fuse is a Veteran-Owned Small Business with a focus on delivering communications, networks, and software-based solutions for warfighters and first responders. Founded in 2010, our San Diego–based company has earned recognition as an emerging leader in airborne networking and has been ranked as one of the most innovative and fastest-growing private companies in the country.

With a team comprised of a significant number of veterans, Fuse is focused on delivering solutions to the warfighters deployed around the world. Our team includes members with military and government experience, including prior aviators, sailors, marines, soldiers, and federal engineers.

While some team members are fresh from academia bringing with them the latest techniques and ideas, others are experts with knowledge of industry best practices. This diversity of backgrounds and experience—in addition to expertise across software, networks, industrial design, graphic design, and systems integration—greatly contributes to our ability to successfully bridge the gap between the engineer and end user.

Design thinking encourages Fuse employees to approach all projects creatively and collaboratively while building empathy and understanding for problems faced by users that can be tested and evaluated for feedback.

Our agile development process allows our team to support continuous meaningful iteration while adapting to evolving requirements.As Fuse continues to grow, our open and creative environment maintains agility, matching the speed of innovation, accommodating rapid changes, and delivering user focused solutions to users.

Our mission to advance warfighter capabilities has been furthered by the US government’s highly competitive SBIR Program (Small Business Innovative Research), allowing our team to develop scientific and technological innovations for defense and commercial use.

Fuse has been awarded SBIR funds almost every year since our first award in 2012, receiving multiple Phase I and II awards to develop technology as well as multiple Phase III contracts to transition that technology to the fleet. Our focus on the user and driving usability through iteration provide great value to our partners, customers, and users.

Fuse offers an array of products, including hardware, software, and integrated systems specializing in communications, networking, and control.

CORE®—a flexible and lightweight networking solution providing advanced routing, optimization, encryption, and management services—comes in a variety of sizes and configurations and won CONNECT’s Most Innovative Product award in 2017. A portable, ruggedized roller-bag version of our CORE technology, discretely supports VIP network integration at remote or unimproved sites as well as hotel environments.

Supporting the CORE family of products, our network and communications management software, DSM (Decoupled System Manager), provides real-timevisibility and remote management of system and network performance across multiple distributed platforms.

T3, Fuse’s Tactical Troubleshooting Tool, collects link and sensor configuration settings from globally dispersed platforms (such as ships and aircraft) and integrates the data onto a secure, network-accessible user interface, providing easy remote insight into status and system settings for operators and subject matter experts.

Our innovative solutions and agile development process has yielded high impact delivering integrated solutions that meet the warfighter’s need. Our products and integrated systems go beyond the standard of merely achieving functionality and attain the higher standard of efficient and intuitive usability in tactical environments.

Reinforced by our quality policy, our team is committed to developing, producing, and delivering systems that meet and exceed requirements and satisfy our customers and users. We put the warfighter first and are proud to help them accomplish their missions more safely and efficiently.

Fuse Integration

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