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FundRazr is on a mission to help nonprofits, companies and consumers raise funds for the causes they care about. So far, our platform has raised over $200 million for more than 200,000 campaigns in 40 countries around the world – and this number is growing every day. Our story starts in 2009 in Gastown, the heart of Vancouver. As pioneers in social fundraising, the FundRazr team worked hard to create an impact-driven, easy-to-use platform that empowers and connects people to change the world in a positive way. We know how hard raising money can be. We’re passionate about providing an effective funding solution to help people tackle big problems like poverty, human rights, racism, animal rights, health, ecology, access to education and more. We believe in community, and in the power of sharing your story with the world. Ultimately, we want to build a great company, have fun, and help people change the world in really impactful ways. It means so much to our team when we receive “thank you” emails from our clients, sharing their stories about how the platform helped them save a hundred dogs from a death row, keep school children fed with hot lunches, preserve lands and wildlife, and more.


Innovation is baked into our corporate DNA, and we channel those innovations for our customers, too. The philanthropic world is going through a major transformation; donor behaviour, preferences and expectations have changed drastically. Interactions have moved online and sometimes fully digital as Millennial and Gen Z generations gradually replace the Baby Boomers and become the largest demographic groups in the population. This changing landscape requires us to relentlessly enhance our product and help our users keep up with social and giving trends.


On an organizational level, about half our team is involved in product development and innovation. Over the last few years, we have worked very hard to develop a vision of what the next generation of social fundraising should look like. We refine this vision daily via conversations with our customers, market research and free-form innovation discussions with our team members. After talking it out, we put small pieces of our vision into practice every four weeks (what we call a product development “sprint”) to see how our customers respond We make our vision reality by continuously educating our customers and inventing new tactics and methodologies for digital fundraising. As we collect new insights and findings, we share them with our community to make sure all the deserving causes that use our platform have the necessary knowledge in hand to succeed. For example, our CEO Daryl Hatton recently gave a TEDx talk on quite a radical topic – “Philanthropy as Entertainment: Binge watching for Good”!

We believe we are in a great city to accomplish our mission. The startup environment in Vancouver is very supportive, and we always feel like our hard work is acknowledged. We were lucky enough to receive the inaugural “Business Innovation Technology” award, organized by the City of Vancouver, and named“Most Promising Startup” by the BC Technology Industry Association in 2013. The quality of talent here is a big reason why Vancouver is a home to so many amazing technology companies. Another wonderful thing about Vancouver is the cultural diversity of our vibrant communities. This helps us support our international operations and live in alignment with the values we stand for.

Moving forward, our goal is to help important causes raise a billion dollars for the world-changing projects they care about through our platform. We can see a clear path of how to get there. For us, this is our North Star

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