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At Fullscript We Look At The North American Healthcare System And See Opportunity

At Fullscript We Look At The North American Healthcare System And See Opportunity. Specifically We See The Opportunity To Build Something That Creates Positive Change And Solves Problems That No Other Company Or Organization Is Solving.

Both Care Providers And Patients Need And Want A Shift From Volume To Value, From Pharmacology To The Incorporation Of Supplements And Lifestyle Changes. That’s Why We Built An Online Platform That Enables Healthcare Providers And Patients To Work Together To Produce Better Patient Outcomes.

Treating Causes, Not Symptoms.
Originally launched as an online storefront to dispense supplements, in 2013 we rebuilt our original platform to connect the entire patient workflow, unifying fragmented systems that made it difficult for providers to develop care plans and equally difficult for patients to follow the plans. There was a need to change the way health is prescribed, and we wanted to make that change.

We knew integrative health practitioners would be critical to a paradigm shift, but saw that compared to conventional practitioners, integrative healthcare practitioners—Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Naturopaths—face unique challenges.

They spend more time with any given patient, have more nonbillable hours per patient, and earn less money for their efforts. By connecting fragmented systems, Fullscript makes it easy to develop and e-prescribe protocols, gather patient insights and help patients stay adherent to their plans via simple notifications.

Beyond connecting fragmented systems, the Fullscript platform also simplifies integrative healthcare for providers and patients, giving clinics with limited in-office inventory the ability to ensure patients get the supplements they need.

Integrative health practitioners who use the Fullscript platform have more time to focus on what matters most—patient care—because Fullscript:
• Complements physical inventory
• Streamlines workflows with industry-first EHR (electronic health record) integrations
• Includes efficient e-prescribing via protocols, recommendation templates, and favourites
• Enables patient adherence management

That’s the true value of the Fullscript platform: making healthcare easier for both patients and healthcare providers by eliminating frustrating, time-consuming guesswork.

It’s About More Than Supplements
Supplements are widely available both online and in traditional retail settings. The sheer volume of supplements on the market can be overwhelming for the average consumer. Fullscript partners with the most
trusted manufacturers to ensure healthcare practitioners and patients get what they need, when they need it, without pouring hours of their own time into research. And because the Fullscript platform provides a comprehensive patient view, care providers can formulate protocols that take all pharmaceuticals, supplements, and physical and spiritual practices into account.

Kyle Braatz, President and Chief Revenue Officer
Kyle (left) co-founded Fullscript in 2011 and led the company through massive growth as CEO before merging with Natural Partners in 2018. Under Kyle’s leadership, Fullscript was named Fastest Growing Company in Ottawa two years in a row.

Brad Dyment, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Fullscript (below) , is enthusiastic about the immediate and long-term potential of Fullscript. “Fullscript continues to invest in making our platform accessible via EHR integrations, and we’re already planning to launch with some of the largest EHR partners powering North American health systems.”

“At the same time, our evidence-based decision support tools will help practitioners make smarter prescribing decisions,” he said. “Supplements are often prescribed alongside pharmaceuticals, so providing practitioners with point-of-care decision support can help improve prescribing habits and patient safety.”

The Fullscript platform has maintained a triple-digit growth rate since launching in 2012. “In May 2019 we closed a $25million series B to accelerate our lead position in the market.” With more than 350 teammates, and offices in Ottawa, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, there is no sign of slowing down.


245 Cooper St,
Ottawa, ON K2P 0G2, Canada

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