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For students, by students. Front Row Ventures is Canada’s first student-run venture capital fund. Powered by Real Ventures, FRV has successfully run a $600,000 Quebec-focused pilot fund over the past two years and is now raising a $10 million fund to expand its operations to seven new provinces and more than 30 university campuses across Canada.

We believe that students are in a unique position to challenge the status quo. The university years are an entrepreneurial sweet spot and we want to help student founders launch unthinkable ventures that change the world. Although companies like Facebook, Google and Snapchat were created by students, most student entrepreneurs still lack access to capital. We’re closing that gap by backing student founders with an early investment of $25,000 and the most founder-friendly terms that exist in Canada, and a portfolio of resources and world-class mentors.

Our story
As the first resource for student technology entrepreneurship, Front Row Ventures first took root in Montreal before spreading to the rest of Canada. In 2018, in Montreal alone, we saw and analyzed more than 350 student-led startups. At the beginning of 2019, our portfolio counted six companies, which had already gone on to raise more than $5 million in follow-on investment. Our goal has always been to support Canada’s best student founders through our forward-looking investment. This enables student founders to grow world-class companies while pursuing their education.

How it works
We bring together the most talented students in Canada. They come from all campuses and fields of study. Our team expands the potential of Canadian student entrepreneurs to turn their bold ideas into forward-thinking startups. We rely on the diversity of our team to transform the tech and startup culture on Canadian university campuses.

From the beginning, we all shared a spark that made us fall in love with tech entrepreneurship. The model is simple: investment teams composed of trained student-VCs based on university campuses invest in only the best student-led startups in the country.

We are united by our passion and boldness. We are more than a team; we’re family.

Front Row Ventures

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